Edge of Empire

Discovery at Cholganna

“Triumph over fear is what differentiates living from existing.”

Dursk Vuh’al and his crew race to Cholganna in search of a Banking Clan treasury ship, not far ahead of other treasure hunters who wish to claim the prize.

Meanwhile on Dondonna, Tol Shala and Skitz Xoseesu face a brutal interrogation at the hands of Vemro the Hutt…

The bounty hunters Tol Shala and Skitz Xoseesu find themselves prisoners of the notorious crime lord Vemro the Hutt! They are ruthlessly interrogated about their role in the escape of Selia Bryn, Vemro’s favorite tech slave. Tol does his best to keep the location of the young girl a secret, hoping to trick the Hutt into looking for her at the wrong location. But the hunters never had a chance to coordinate their stories, and they were beaten roughly for their attempted deception.

Tol is finally taken before Vemro and explains that Selia had promised him information about his family if he would help her escape. The Hutt understood his motivation and accepted it, then had the hunters thrown back into his prisons, their ultimate fate a mystery!

Meanwhile, the crew of the Silken Sheath have departed the Wheel and, using the recovered astrogation data, plot a hyperspace route to the crash site of the lost CIS treasure ship! The plot was trickier than expected, and the heroes found themselves lost inside a gas cloud. Dursk Vuh’al managed to dodge a shower of deadly asteroids while Selia did her best to repair the damaged ship’s sensors.

Once out of the gas cloud, the heroes found themselves in the Cholgana system after all! They approached the planet and began a series of scans, searching for any sign of the lost treasure ship. The mighty wookie Mohr, familiar with dangerous jungle environments, guided Selia’s scan efforts and they soon had identified several candidate sites. Damage to the sensors from the encounter in the gas cloud made Selia’s task very difficult, so Dursk chose one of the sites at random and set the ship down.

Selia got to work repairing the sensors while young Talik Shala, under the watchful eye of Mohr, began excitedly exploring the area immediately around the Silken Sheath. Mohr took the opportunity to challenge the IsoTech protocol droid on his ability to travel quickly though jungle terrain. If the droid proved too slow, Mohr would remove its head and carry it with him. While the droid assured Mohr that he would be quite capable of keeping up, a very simple test proved that was certainly not the case.

The hereos discussed the ramifications of decapitating the nervous protocol droid, but ultimately decided that the risk of damagin IsoTech property was probably not worth the convenience of only carrying around the droid’s head.

Selia finished her work on the sensors and discovered a what appeared to be the landing site of some kind of large escape pod a short distance away through the jungle. Talik was excited to explore, but was careful to let the experienced wookie lead the way. They were well on their way to the location of the pod when out of the trees leapt a deadly nexu! The enormous predator was no match for Mohr and Dursk, though, it was quicky killed. Mohr took the opportunity to teach Talik several things about nexu. The young twi’lek took one of the viscous nexu teeth to keep as a memento.

After the brief fight, the heroes found themselves at the top of a dangerous crevasse. The escape pod was lodged somewhere below. The climb down was treacherous, so Mohr insisted on descending by himself. It didn’t take long for him to locate the pod, but there was little of value remaining. The only thing he managed to recover was a uniform fragment bearing the symbol of the Confederation of Independent Systems, confirming that the heroes were on the right track. Mohr climbed back up to his companions and they returned to their ship.

With the sensors now fully operational, Selia and Mohr identified a new landing zone. Like the first one, this required a short hike through the jungle. Talik was still excited about exploring, but the buzzing insects and muddy terrain proved difficult to her urban sensibilities. Still, she didn’t want to disappoint Mohr, who was proving very comfortable in the jungle, so she did her very best. After all, neither Dursk nor Selia were complaining.

The heroes came upon a partially dammed river. Water flowed over and through the the rocky dam into a small lake below. Dursk located an old metal boat on the lake’s shore, but it appeared to be old and in poor condition. As the heroes approached the dam, it became clear that it was actually the drive section of a massive star ship! They approached the wreckage and began exploring, but after a few hours determined that the site had been picked clean long ago by scavengers. That, along with the old boat, were signs that at least someone had survived the initial crash and did their best to utilize the remaining ship resources as best they could. Finding nothing else promising in the drive section, the heroes returned to the Silken Sheath to rest up before continuing their explorations.

The next day, Dursk took the ship up once again while Selia and Mohr worked together to selected the next landing site. They landed the ship once again and trekked back into the jungle. This time, they discovered a massive section of the lost ship, including the bridge! They made their way inside the dark and moldy wreckage, searching for a way up to the command deck. They quickly found an open turbolift shaft. Mohr led the way up, securing a length of sythrope to help Talik and the other with the ascent.

The bridge itself proved to be completed scavenged; nothing of value remained. But there were darkened corridors leading deeper into the wreckage. Talik took the lead while Mohr watched over her. She was careful, but yelped in surprise when a slimy amphibian dropped on her unexpectedly. Mohr chucked softly and the heroes pushed forward.

Suddenly, the floor gave way beneath Talik and she fell into what appeared to be a sensor control room on the deck below. She grinned back up at Mohr, happy with her surprise discovery. The heroes lowered themselves down and continued the exploration, still hoping to find whatever technology IsoTech was looking for.

A sound from above betrayed the presence of two stalking nexu! Dursk noticed that these nexu had received cybernetic augmentations! On one, its teeth had been replaced with some kind of sharpened metal. The other one had an energy field incorporated into its deadly claws! The metal jaw nexu attacked the mighty wookie while the energy claw nexu leaped at Selia.

The fight was over quickly, but Selia had been knocked around a fair amount and Mohr had suffered a terrible wound to one of his arms. Dursk extracted the tech from the strange nexus while Talik did her best to bandage up Mohr. As they recovered from the deadly battle and discussed their next move, they heard the unmistakable sound of space ship flying overhead…



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