Edge of Empire

Heroes Fall!

Imperial Stormtroopers, secretly hired by the villainous Vemro the Hutt, have found the bountry hunters Tol Shala and Skitz Xoseesu, along with the escaped slave Selia Bryn, as they made their way back to Dursk Vuh’al and freedom! The hunters try to avoid the attention of the stormtroopers, but to no avail. The Imperials confront the hunters, clearly searching for Vemro’s missing slave. Tol quickly sees where things are going and, with a with a quick command the Selia to run, fires at a nearby fueling station!

The station explodes, temporarily distracting the stormtroopers! Selia and Skitz take advantage of the confusion and run towards the docking bay where their only chance of escape awaits, with Tol not far behind. Unfortunately, the stormtroopers recover quickly and open fire on the fleeing heroes! Tol and Skitz make sure to keep themselves between the deadly blaster fire and the fleeing slave, Tol is quickly shot down. Skitz, seeing his friend critically wounded, runs back to try and carry him to safety, but the stormtroopers are relentless and gun him down as well.

The hunter’s sacrifice buys Selia enough time to reach Dursk at the waiting ship, and the fly off to freedom! The fate of the two hunters remains unknown, but they fear the worst.

On board the ship of the notorious slaver Trex, Dursk interrogates the vile trandoshan. He learns much about the slavers crimes and, disgusted, ejects him into space. The ship itself is functional, if poorly maintained, and the two remaining heroes make their escape to the Wheel.

When they arrive at the massive space station, they are challenged by security agents to ensure that they have legitimate business at this prestigious destination. Dursk quickly satisfies their concerns and is granted access, but before proceeding, the cunning bothan spots an opportunity!

An unusual pair of travelers, a mighty wookie and a slim twi’lek girl, were having trouble getting past the station security forces. The wookie stood behind the girl like a mountain while she tried to convince the security agent to let them pass. Dursk recognized a kindred spirit in the young twi’lek and knew that the powerful wookie would be an immense asset to his upcoming job with IsoTech, so he decided to intervene.

The cunning bothan called to the strange pair of travelers and identified them as a part of his retinue. Dursk was pleased to see the young girl latch on to his story without missing a beat, and together they sufficiently befuddled the officer to allow all four access to the station.

Once in the station, the girl introduced herself as Talik, and her wookie friend as Mohr. Dursk invited them to join Selia and himself on the upcoming IsoTech job. Desperate for some kind of wok, the newcomers agreed.

The heroes made their way to the IsoTech officers for a meeting with Reom to learn the details of the job. Dursk and Selia were shocked when Talik identified herself a Talik Shala! Could this be a member of Tol’s family? Selia wanted to talk to Talik right away about it, but Dursk convinced her to wait until they were committed to the job, fearing that their two new partners might leave them. Selia wasn’t happy about it, but agreed to keep the secret for now.

The meeting with Reom revealed that the job was to seek out the crash site of a lost Separatist treasure ship that had disappeared late in the Clone Wars! Dozens of treasure hunters have tried and failed to find the legendary ship, but Reom had recently acquired a distress beacon launched from the ship itself! By examining the beacon, he believed he had located the crash site!

Reom offered the heroes 10,000 credits to locate the treasure ship and return to him with whatever technology they could find. Additional negotiations awarded the heroes a 10% up-front payment and a 50% split of raw profits.

Selia gained access to the beacon and, after acquiring some specialized tools from the Dented Droid repair shop, was able to discover additional navigation data that should give her a significant advantage in locating the the ship.

As the heroes prepared to depart, Reom informed them that they would be required to bring along a special droid, provided by his sister, that would be able to verify the authenticity of any discoveries and ensure that the heroes did not attempt to cheat him out of any profits. The droid would be delivered to them soon.

As the time of the hero’s departure approached, the droid had failed to arrive! Dursk found that he was unable to contact Reom or his sister. The heroes raced to the IsoTech offices, only to discover that they had been ransacked! There was no sign of Reom.

The clever Selia noticed that there was a nearby information kiosk equipped with security cameras. A brief conversation with station security confirmed that there had been a break-in at IsoTech and that Reom had been injured and was recovering at a nearby medical facility.

The heroes met with Reom and learned that he had been attacked by a group of rodian thugs who were looking to steal the special droid. He let the hero’s know where his sister’s ship was docked. Upon arriving there, they discovered that she too had been attacked by rodians!

Reom’s sister was able to contact the missing droid. It reported that it had barricaded itself in a storage closet nearby, but that the rodians were currently cutting through. The heroes raced to scene!

When they arrived, the rodians were just finishing loading the droid, now equipped with a restraining bolt, onto a repulsor sled. The heroes opened fire and pursued.

After a short chase and firefight, the droid was recovered and the rodians chased away. The heroes were now ready to find the treasure ship!

“Port Authority, this is Security Officer Jobernson. Do you have passenger arrival records for any of these people?”
“Affirmative, Officer Jobernson. They came in on two ships, the Silken Sheath and the Winning Ticket. Wait, this is interesting. Mohr and Talik aren’t on the passenger manifest for the Winning Ticket. Are you thinking they are Imperial Security?”
“Unlikely. They are probably stowaways or someone looking to ditch their identity. They were involved in an altercation and are wanted for questioning.”
“You are too late for the Silken Sheath. It just left the docking bay. Should I hail them?”
“Yes, please”

“No response from the Silken Sheath, they will likely jump to lightspeed soon. Should we deploy the Z-95’s?”
“No, don’t bother. It’s probably nothing. We will review the security footage from Master-Com in more detail to determine what happened.”

CASE 99422121-B
Defendants: Mohr Wookie, Selia Bryn, Dursk Vuh’al, Talik Shala


  • Reckless Discharge of a Firearm Into a Crowd
  • Reckless Endangerment of people and property (shoving through the crowd)
  • Destruction of Private Property (Ming’s China Shop)

Not Guilty. Defendants actions are protected (if just barely) by the Good Samaritan Statute, the Personal Property Recovery Statute, the Hot Pursuit statute, and the Negligent Security statute. Since they did not have an expectation for Wheel Security to recover the droid they can enjoy the legal protection that Wheel Security would have.

While not criminally liable for damages to Ming’s China shop, his insurance company is not barred from seeking reparations. The amount of damage was relatively minor so it is unlikely that additional action will be taken.



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