Edge of Empire

Pirate Bounty

Everyone has an inside voice and outside voice

After finding that employees of Decker Krim use Zann Consortium cybertech, the crew of the Silken Sheath discovered a Zann stronghold on the planet Saluecami. In order to get more information about the Consortium they accepted a bounty that might get them more than they bargained for…

“Hunter of masked prey required. Lucrative contract for individuals and groups of sufficient skill and reputation. IPKC optional. Provide contact information and qualifications to HN4-768A via secure comm. ”

Bounty hunter characters have a valid IPKC or Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificate, and would recognize that “IPKC optional” indicates a bounty that is personal or extrajudicial.

The viewscreen flashes, revealing a poised Pantoran woman with blue skin and dark hair. Her voice is melodic, and she speaks with confidence and authority.

“Greetings. My name is Venlana, and I am contacting you on behalf of the Zann Consortium. We are experiencing shipping losses that exceed our projections. These challenges to our bottom line are due to pirates—rather, one pirate in particular—and we would like to contract you as part of our program of loss prevention. Should you be interested, please meet with me on the planet of Saleucami, in the city of Taleucema. ’’

Venlana smiles, her white teeth highlighted by her blue skin. Tol replies,

“Greetings to you, Venlana. I represent a team of bounty hunters who are interested in your contract. They are not IPKCcertified but are highly skilled. They will meet with you directly and only involve me if they need support from my Bounty Hunter’s Guild.”

The Pantoran nods in agreement. “I look forward to meeting with your team.”
The screen flickers off.



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