Edge of Empire

Plundering Sa Nalaor

“Even the Sweetest Child has a Vicious Streak.”

While searching the wreckage of the Sa Nalaor, the crew of the Silken Sheath are alarmed to see another armed freighter land beside theirs.

Meanwhile on Dondonna, Tol Shala and Skitz Xoseesu must consider an offer from Vemro the Hutt…

The nefarious crime lord Vemro the Hutt made a dangerous offer to the imprisoned bounty hunters Tol Shala and Skitz Xoseesu. If they work for him, Vemro would tell them exactly where Tol’s eldest daughter Talik could be found. Further, the Hutt would allow Tol to continue searching for his missing wife and youngest daughter while in the Hutt’s service. Tol, desperate for news about his missing family, jumped at the opportunity. Skitz, though very wary of the Hutt’s offer, stood by his friend.

The crew of the Silken Sheath had made their way back to the landing clearing in the jungles of Cholganna. They hid themselves within the dark undergrowth and watched as a group of rodians and transdoshans exited the newly arrived YT-2400 freighter which had set down a short distance away from their own ship. The newcomers checked the Silken Sheath briefly, but made no attempt to gain access. Instead, they searched the area to determine which way the heroes had traveled.

The heroes recognized some of the newcomers. These were the ones who had attempted to steak IT-3PO! Armed with that knowledge, the heroes decided to strike first. From their hiding places within the jungle, they waited until the new arrivals were in their sites, then sprung the ambush! The lead trandoshan went down under a pair of devastating shots from Mohr’s bowcaster. This was followed by a additional gunfire from the others. The newcomers turned and ran back towards their ship.

The heroes pursured, firing at the fleeing enemy as they dashed towards their ship. Several went down, but the leader made it back to his ship. During the running battle, Dursk Vuh’al was critically injured, but Mohn picked him up and carried him back to the Silken Sheath.

Talik contacted the rodian captain and told them that they had to leave the planet immediately. The captain demanded that he be allowed to retrieve his wounded crew members from the field first. Mohr was having none of it, though, and Talik informed the rodian that his request had been denied. The rodian captain attempted to retrieve his wounded anyway, but one challenging roar from the mighty wookie drove him back into his ship.

Selia managed to revive Dursk just in time to see a group of of huge water creatures emerge from the lake! Each creature carried a rider and two old battle droids! IT-3PO identified the lead rider as none other than the missing Captain Harsol. Tensions between to rodians and the heroes were still high, but Dursk bravely walked out with the protocol droid to speak with what were clearly survivors of the Sa Nalaor crash.

The presence of IT-3PO was enough to convince Captain Harsol to allow the heroes (as well as the rodians) to follow him back to his settlement, which was carefully hidden a short distance from the main hull section of the wreckage. There were over 30 survivors living in the settlement, along with a number of marginally-functional battle droids. The wounded heroes were introduced to Catlana, who proved to be an accomplished doctor. Their wounds were treated.

Harsol called a town hall meeting where he introduced the heroes to the rest of the survivors. They were amazed to see newcomers. It became quickly apparent to the heroes, though, that not all of the survivors were happy with Harsol’s leadership. Harsol was very afraid of the Empire, fearing that he and his people would be executed for being members of the Separatist Alliance during the Clone Wars, but others simply wanted to get away from their exile.

Over the next couple of days, Durst and Talik spent a lot of time meeting the people of the settlement. Dursk focused his efforts on learning as much as he would while Talik spent her time charming the population and reminding them of all the good things that civilization had to offer. The heroes quickly learned that Catlana, the Arkanian scientist, was responsible for the cybernetic enhancements performed on the nexu. She was an absolute genius in the field. Durst determined that she was the most valuable asset that could be returned to IsoTech, but she was resistant to leaving the planet. She was worried that her efforts would be co-opted by the Empire and she’d be forced to create weapons to advance their hated cause. Talik and Dursk did their best to reassure her that she could have a life outside their control somewhere on the Outer Rim.

During this time, the rodian captain spoke privately with Dursk. The rodian wanted to make a deal where his clan would gain salvage rights to the wreckage (and include a profit percentage to Dursk) and the heroes would take the survivors back to IsoTech. Dursk pretended to agree with the rodian, but never had any intention of dealing with him.

Catlana was convinced to leave the planet with the heroes, but doing so required Talik to denounce not only Harsol’s leadership, but the rodians as well. Word got out to the rodian captain, who publicly called Dursk out. Dursk attempted to bait the rodian into violence, and while the rodian was infuriated, he never attempted to draw on the bothan. While the two captains shouted back and forth, Talik moved through the growing crowd and fueled the fires with carefully placed commentary.

At the height of the argument, another ship descended to land nearby!

Everyone panicked. The survivors ran for weapons or dove into secret hiding places. Captain Harsol, armed and armored, stepped forward and shouted angrily at Dursk, blaming him, and them himself, for bring the Empire down upon them. Harsol kept pointing his blaster at Durk, working up his anger more and more. Talik was not about to let anyone threaten her new friends with a blaster – she took careful aim with her blaster and fired…



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