Edge of Empire

Scrapheap Point

“Sometimes what you value most, another values least.”

With a shipload of survivors, the Silken Sheath emerged from hyperspace dangerously close to the Imperial shipyard at Raxus Prime. They must bypass planetary security to find the secret Isotech base at Scrapheap Point.

Captain Harsol turned to an engineer wearing patchwork clothes. “We should be arriving soon, Gilbin. What have you learned?”

The exhausted engineer pointed to the cockpit. “Sir, we would have no trouble gaining control of the ship. Their crew is as tired as we are and only the wookie would put up resistance. He might even be docile if we had the Twi’lek as a hostage.”

Cratala overheard this and chimed in, “Captain, you aren’t seriously considering violence, are you? These people rescued us.”

Harsol replied back, “Rescued? That remains to be seen. They came to Chologana looking for profit. We are no more than a bounty to them. Maybe not even that.” He rubbed a blaster wound on his shoulder. “But don’t worry. I just want to know what my options are. Besides, I’m looking forward to seeing Raxus. I was never able to visit although I hear it’s beautiful. And surely I still have friends there.”

Cratala frowned, “You are thinking of Raxus Secundus. We are headed to Raxus Prime. It’s a shithole by all accounts… but don’t let the girl hear you say that. For some reason she has a soft spot for that trash heap.”

Harsol rolled his eyes. “That’s just great. I’m really going stir crazy here. If we don’t arrive soon I’m gonna pick a fight with someone. Probably the wookie.”

Cratala patted his back. “You just hate it when you aren’t in charge.”

Harsol nodded in agreement. "Damn straight I hate it. Putting our fate in the hands of these lowlifes. "

Cratala shrugged. “I trust them. Mostly. Oh, did I tell you, I think someone went through my backpack.” Harsol glared and started to speak but she cut him off, “it’s okay. Nothing is missing and the encryption seal is intact. Just watch my back.”

Harsol gritted his teeth. “Oh, I will.”

The Sliken Sheath emerged from hyperspace near Raxus Prime and was quickly challenged by an Imperial patrol craft. Dursk quickly spun a story about returning a jawa traveler home, explaining the lack of identification and credentials on the jawa people’s notorious habit of ignoring the common rules of galactic trade and travel.

Dursk knew his story was pretty thin and prepared to make a run for it, but at the last moment the Imperial customs agent granted passage to the planet. With a sigh of relief, Dursk set a course to the secret IsoTech base hidden in the midst of the vast garbage heap of Raxus Prime.

The coordinates proved accurate and Dursk was guided to a landing platform near a pile of broken starships at the edge of a toxic lake. The heroes could see a number of local jawas on skiffs going about their scavenging business on the poisonous waters. The ship landed easily and as Dursk and the others debarked the ship, they were met by the IsoTech representation, a rodian named XXXXX.

The rodian invited Dursk and the others into the hidden facility where Dursk debriefed him on the mission. Captain Harsol and Cratala where present as well and corroborated the story. XXXXX was impressed with the heroes success, but he was unable to offer full payment until Reom arrived. Reom, he explained, had suffered another attack back on the Wheel and was still recovering.

While the heroes waited for Reom, they were invited to look over the cybernetic materials available from their company shop. There was a wide selection of items available, and Selia discovered a brain augmentation system that she thought would very well for her. Tallik was disappointed that they didn’t carry firearms, since she had recently learned about a new blaster pistol that she was hoping to try out.

Dursk was looking forward to offloading the captured speeder bikes and Imperial armor, and the local jawas seemed like the perfect customers. As luck would have it, the jawas routinely traded with the residents of Scrapheap Point, and XXXXX was happy to arrange a trade meet.

The next day, Dursk and the others were informed that the jawas were on their way. Dursk stayed aboard the Silken Sheath while Mohr, Selia and Talik rode the captured speeder bikes, loaded with the armor, to the meeting place at the edge of the base.

It’s a trap!!!

As XXXXX and the heroes arrived to meet the trade delegations, the jawas pulled out blasters and attacked. These were not jawas at all, but sullustans in disguise! At the same time, the rodians and trandoshans leaped from the crates on the trade skiffs and joined the battle.

The heroes responded quickly, using the heavy weapons of the speeder bikes to great effect, but not before XXXXX was cut down. A mighty gun battle ensued as the attackers pressed forward.

At the same time, Dursk became aware of trouble at all of the entrances to the base. He worked quickly to get the Silken Sheath airborne while members of Captain Harsol’s crew manned the guns. Several of the attackers attempted to disable the freighter with carefully placed explosives, but Dursk was able to keep them at bay long enough to lift off.

The gunfight in the other hanger was wrapping up, but not before Mohr and Talik had suffered injuries. They cleaned up the remaining attackers and then headed back into the base to look for any other signs of trouble. They found another group of attackers engaged in a firefight against the defenders near the command center. Talik used her speeder’s heavy weapon to cut them down from behind.

By this time, Dursk had destroyed the last of the attacking skiffs and returned to the base. They are taken further back into the base where they met Reom. It turned out that Reom had been there all along, but was still recovering from his injuries. He paid the heroes triple the agreed upon price for their efforts.

As Dursk and Reom discussed plans for the future, they were were interrupted by a report of TIE fighters searching the area. It looked like the attackers had tipped the Imperials off once their own efforts had failed. Reom called for an evacuation and explained that a large section of Scrapheap Point was actually an old Correlian Corvette that was in partially working order. He asked the heroes to help them escape.

Dursk and Selia stayed aboard the corvette and set about getting the ship functional again while Mohr and Talik assisted with clearing away debris. Selia demonstrated her technical wizardry and soon the ship was ready. Mohr and Talik returned to the Silken Sheath, along with a borrowed pilot and astrogator.

The ship took off, but it was apparent that the corvette was unable to work up much speed, so Talik told the pilot of the freighter to try and draw off the incoming TIE fighters. The attempt was partially successful, but the Imperials quickly turned back to the corvette once the realized what was happening.

The fighters pounded the old corvette with blaster fire, but it only sustained minor damage before its defensive fire, combined with that of the Silken Sheath, shot them down. But before they could reach the hyper limit, a pair of Imperial system defense ships blocked their path. A tense firefight ensued and the corvette suffered major damage, but in the end they were able to make their escape.

The ships emerged from hyperspace together and docked. Reom thanked the heroes once again and suggested more opportunities to work together in the future. Selia took the opportunity to have her new cybernetic brain augmentation installed.

Reom had also received a message for Talik. She was surprised about this, not knowing who could possibly know to contact Reom to get a message to her. She played the holo message and, when the image of her father appeared, fainted.

Once she recovered, she played the message again…

My sweet Talika. When I heard you were alive my heart sang in a voice as beautiful as your own. For the next two weeks I will be at The Wheel. After that you can find me at the Canteena at Tos Shuuta. Please let me know you are well.

Talik was shocked that her father was alive and wanted to rush to the Wheel immediately. Selia’s surgery and logistics prevented their immediate departure, but her friends promised they would get there as soon as possible. Talik waited impatiently until they got underway, excited beyond words for the upcoming reunion with her father!


Items Dursk wants to confirm before leaving the secret deep space base, Iso-One:

  • We all have papers now: You can’t get a passport here or The Wheel. If you want a fake passport, Reom suggests talking to his sister, Shira. He gives you Wheel credentials:
    • Dursk: IsoTech contract employee, renewed monthly. Unrestricted general access to The Wheel.
    • Selia: IsoTech patient, good for one month. Includes one free visit to medbay for a brain checkup.
    • Talik & Mohr: Crew. Dursk can arrange one week “shore leave” for general access and indefinite hangar access sleeping on the ship. Additional shore leave can be arranged but requires fees and paperwork.
    • Shira pays for referrals so Selia and Talik might get a job if they are willing to wear makeup and talk about how great IsoTech products are.
  • The ship has papers and belongs to Dursk – if the question is asked, Dursk of course suggests having the other’s listed as owners also. But he doesn’t bring it up if they don’t.
  • The engineer came back and finished converting the controls from Trandoshan to human.
  • The tech assigned to cleaning helped Dursk get the ship cleaned from top to bottom.
  • Before taking off, Selia and Dursk do a complete check to ensure no trackers, etc are on or in ship.
  • All of the cleaning and conversions are done competently but they aren’t able to do the 100,000 light year maintenance that the ship needs.
  • Reom asks you deliver a message disc to Shira.

Conversation with Reom.
‘You went to an awful lot of trouble to con me into debt, and then to buy that debt. So while I am glad to be out of that debt now, I’m curious. Did you get everything you paid for…perhaps even more?’
Reom explains that Nalen manufactured the debt for his own gain and to deliver to Reom. While Reom didn’t have direct knowledge of this, he generally knows how Nalen operates. Reom doesn’t approve of Nalen’s methods but is willing to profit from them. Reom would rather you not confront Nalen, but if you insist, Reom will help arrange that. As for getting good value, your mission was deep speculation. Cratala seems to be willing to cooperate and if she’s as good as it seems, it will be a huge win for IsoTech. Even if it all works out, the real profits won’t be realized for a decade.

‘Tol, Tallik’s father, from the very short time I knew him, seems like an honorable man. But last we saw him, he was captured by storm troopers. Troopers that report to an officer that is in the pocket of Vemro. So I believe we’re walking into some form of trap. Where was that message sent? Who was it ‘addressed’ to? And when did it arrive? The answers may help decide just what level of trouble we’re going to find ourselves back on the wheel. And to what level Vemro knows about your operations out here.’
Reom doesn’t know anything about Vemro. Tol showed up saying that station administration said that Dursk was working for IsoTech. He thought Talik was with Dursk and I confirmed it. He gave me the holo recorder to give to her and told me he would wait two weeks.

’I’ve enjoyed this work, and learned quite a bit. You mentioned possibly hiring us in the future, and I look forward to that conversation. As for payment, credits are always good, but information and resources can sometimes be even better. So if you come by any information or resources that you feel me or my crew can use, let me know. I’m sure we can work together more.’
Reom already assumed that was the case. He provided Dursk an IsoTech “working visa” for The Wheel and suggested that Selia and/or Talik get a part time job with IsoTech on The Wheel. If you keep in contact with the office they can tell you of opportunities for work.

Conversation with Cratala

’I’m glad things are working out for you. I think Reom will get you set up with an awesome lab, and the pay should be great. Not to mention, you may be able to stick it to the Empire through your work! :). Based on how much Reom has gone through to get your intelligence, I figure you’ll be able to work out quite the deal for yourself. But if there’s anything you need in the future, just let me know. I’m happy to help. And I’ll be on the lookout for any information or tech you may like. You never know what you run into in the galaxy.

We’re headed to the The Wheel. Is there anything you need that we can pick up? I figure Reom can get you anything, but wanted to ask. Also, if there’s any of your crew that want to move on, I’m happy to bring them along. I’m sure Reom can give them a little advance pay for your partnership.

You say your goodbyes and Cratala is thankful, although there is a hint of “you are just doing your job”. She really enjoyed assisting on Selia’s brain surgery and seems to have some fondness for Talik. You think something about Talik hits an emotional chord with her.

As for bringing a survivor back the The Wheel, there certainly could be takers. If a player wants to describe it then go for it. Otherwise I won’t bother.



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