Edge of Empire

Survivor Rescue

“When you live to avoid fear, you suffer fear every day.”

During negotiations with the survivors on Cholganna, the landing of an imperial scout ship plunges the camp into chaos. Tension is high as possible four way battle threatens to break out between the imperials, the survivors, the Yiyar Salvage Clan, and the Silken Sheath.

Talik’s blaster show struck Captain Harsol. He turned in a rage and shouted at the young girl, but he chose not to further escalate the situation. His words stung Talik and she backed down.

Meanwhile, the probe droids continued buzzing around the survivors hidden encampment. Captain Harsol and the others shot at the droids while most Dursk did his best to convince the Captain that we should make a break for the ship now. Catlana, in a panic locked herself in the access area of the cybernetic nexu pen, clearly on the verge of panic. Dursk did his best to manage the situation, but Mohr and Talik became more and more convinced that this particular confrontation wasn’t their fight.

Eventually, the surviving probe droids departed. An amplified voice from the jungle nearby called out to the encampment, introducing himself as Agent Ossnan of the Imperial Security Bureau. The agent asked to speak with whomever was in charge, and eventually Captain Harsol responded. The agent claimed that he had been searching for the Sa Nalaor and any survivors for a long time and that he was there to rescue them. He also attempted to discredit both the crew of the Silken Sheath and the rodian salvagers by identifying them as wanted criminals.

Captain Harsol wanted nothing to do with the agent and repeatedly demanded that he go away. The agent remained polite, but insisted that Captain Harsol hand over the wanted criminals for prosecution before leaving. Captain Harsol considered it, but decided against it.

Dursk and Captain Harsol put together a plan involving the local hunters, the nexu, the heroes and the rodians. The hunters would begin harassing the Imperials in an attempt to lead them into dangerous areas in the jungle. The cyber-nexu would be released and instructed to kill the Imperials. During the chaos, the heroes and the rodians would ambush the Imperials with modern weapons.

The plan was executed successfully and most of the Imperials were killed or captured, but Agent Ossnan managed to escape.

Interrogation of the captured Imperial revealed that they were a small group of scouts attached to the ISB. None of the prisoners had any knowledge of strategic objectives, unfortunately, but the heroes did learn that there were less than 20 total scouts on the newly-arrived ship.

With this information, the heroes decided to attack the ISB Scout Vessel in the hope that it could provide enough capacity to evacuate the survivors to a nearby world. The attack would consist of two elements: the heroes and rodians would comprise the first group, using two captured speeder bikes for fire support. Captain Harsol, his battle droids and a group of the large reptilian mounts would comprise the second group.

The first group arrived at the landing site of the Silken Sheath and the rodian’s YT-2400 first and discovered several ISB scouts and their speeder bikes guarding the area. The heroes stormed out of the jungle in a surprise attack, hoping to quickly reduce the numbers of the scouts and drive them into confusion. The battle was viscous, and in the end the scouts were killed or captured, though two of the rodians were also killed.

The heroes pressed their advantage and started racing to the landing site of the ISB scout ship, but well before they arrived they saw the ship lift into the sky and depart.

With the location of the survivors settlement now clearly known by the Empire, Captain Harsol was finally convinced to abandon his isolation. Dursk had been constantly working to convince Catlana and Harsol to return with them to IsoTech. Eventually it took a bit of deal-making between Dursk and the rodian captain, but Captain Harsol agreed.

With the survivors in tow and the cybernetic information intact, the heroes make their way the secret rendezvous at the hidden facility on Raxus Prime…

Addendum: While calculating the safety route to Raxus Prime, a piece of data caught Selia’s notice. It was a list of planets where Trex has a potential job. The data was encrypted:




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