Edge of Empire

The Hunt for Bandin Dobah

To free Tol Shala from his obligation to pursue the notorious smuggler Bandin Dobah, the crew of the Silken Sheath has agreed to accept a bounty in his name. Their hunt begins on the backwater world of Formos, located at the junction of two hyperspace routes. Meanwhile, on The Wheel, a nefarious villain hatches a malevolent plan…

A large man sits in darkness. The only light comes from the soft green electronic glow of indicators on his wrist. Then his communicator squawks. The man answers it gruffly, “You shouldn’t be contacting me.” The voice on the other end is fast and anxious, “Believe me, I don’t want to but this is my last courtesy to you. I am leaving. I’m on the next shuttle out. Good bye, good riddance, syonara. Helping you out really fucked me over. Ten year career down the shaft.”

The dark man considers before responding, “What’s the problem? You will be paid for your assistance.”
“The problem is that I will never be able to work anywhere again. I might not even be able to show my face on an imperial world. At least not for a few years. And for what? You got nothing. It was a big waste. Ten fucking years down the shitter.”
“It wasn’t a waste. I have a plan and soon I will know where to find my prey. Your assistance was appreciated but do not contact me again.”
“You got it bub. My pleasure.”

The Silken Sheath arrives at the planet Formos to begin their search for Bandin Dobah. They land at the only major settlement, simply called the Formos Spaceport. The city has a reputation as a haven for dangerous smugglers. The heroes know of a somewhat famous cantina in the spaceport with a reputation for promoting promising up-and-coming musicians, and is known to be very popular with the locals. The heroes decide to split up and arrive at the cantina in two groups.

On the way to the cantina, Mohr and Dursk take time to speak with several locals in the city’s small market. They discover that water is a valuable commodity here. An unlucky human boy attempts to steal a stimpack from Mohr, but the big wookie catches him. Along with his stimpack, Mohr discovers the wallet of another of the young thief’s victims. Mohr takes the wallet in the hope of returning it to its owner.

Meanwhile, Tallik and Selia make their way through the spaceport’s unused alleyways toward the cantina in the hope of arriving unobserved. As they round a corner, they witness some kind of trap door hidden in the alley open up and three humans emerge carrying a large crate. The men look around, but they fail to see the young girls. The men take their cargo to a waiting transport, load it up, and leave. Tallik uses her comm to inform Mohr of what she had seen. Mohr warns here not to go in there, and Tallik agrees that she won’t.

As soon as Tallik disconnects the comm, she sneaks up to the trap door for a quick look. She carefully opens the door to peak in and is greeted by two men with blasters pointed at her. She yelps in surprise and takes off fast with Selia close behind. The men in the secret pit do no pursue.

Mohr and Dursk have continued making their way towards the cantina. They are confronted by a strange insectoid person who chitters at them in its native language. They quickly determine that they are completely unable to communicate with the insectoid and continue on their way.

Eventually, Mohr and Dursk arrive at the cantina. There are many people here of various species enjoying drinks and music. They notice a large screen displaying a 10,000 credit bounty for Bandin Dobah, offered by the ISB. Dursk begins to ask questions. Mohr noticed a protocol droid working as a service of the cantina and requests to borrow it so that he might learn what the strange insectoid person was trying to tell him.

Dursk is approached by a seedy man who offers to sell him information and he agrees. It is learned that Bandin is the leader of a smuggling operation in the area of space, but not is exact whereabouts.

Tallik and Selia arrive. Tallik begins working with the musicians, hoping to gain their trust so that she can get some information from therm. Selia keeps a low profile and watches.

Mohr and Dursk take the cantina’s protocol droid to find the insectoid person. They strike up a conversation and learn that the creature is a missionary spreading the good word. They chat with him for a little while, but are unable to learn anything new about Bandin Dobah. They begin to make their way back to the cantina when they hear a muffled voice from a garbage container in an ally.

They investigate an discover a badly damaged protocol droid. The droid tells them that he and his counterpart, R4-W9, were attacked. He was left for scrap while the astromech was abducted. The protocol droid begs the heroes to help save his companion. They learn that the protocol droid contains secret navigation data for travelling the Kessel Run, making him very valuable to any smuggler. Mohr takes the broken droid back to the Silken Sheath.

Back in the cantina, Tallik and Selia notice a sophisticated looking rodian woman enter the cantina. She tried to keep to herself, but several patrons begin harassing her. Tallik comms Mohr that there might be trouble, but before he can get back to the cantina, Dursk interjects himself and deflects the situation. The rodian woman is appreciative and chats with Dursk. He learns that she works for a rodian planetary survey company and is gathering information for an updated revision. She knows a good amount of information about smuggler activity in general, but nothing specific on Bandin Dobah.

At the end of the night, Tallik chats with the musicians about the goings on around the spaceport, but is unable to learn and additional information.

The heroes make their way back to the Silken Sheath, but on their way Dursk is approached by a shadowy man. The man has heard that the heroes are looking for Bandin Dobah. For a small price, he will show them where he is. The asking price is ridiculously low and the heroes are very suspicious, but they follow the informant to a boarded-up warehouse. Tallik spends several minutes casing the warehouse but is unable to see inside. She does discover a strange mechanism on the roof and decides that it would be a good idea to disable it. Mohr boosts Selia up to the roof and she makes sure that the device is no longer functional.

Dursk knocks on the door with Tallik standing behind him. Mohr and Selia stay hidden and ready in case of trouble. They are greeted by several ruffians, the leader of which is a human with a cybernetic arm. Noone here looks like Bandin Dobah, so Dursk claims that he is the owner of R4-W9 and has heard that his missing droid was here. The leader says that he’s sure that something could be worked out and invites Dursk and Tallik inside. Dursk isn’t interested in entering, especially once he noticed the net trap over the door (which, it turns out, is connected to the mechanism Selia had disabled on the roof). When it becomes clear that Dursk isn’t coming in, the ruffians make their way outside. The leader takes a special interest in trying to determine Tallik’s identify through her shadow cloak.

The situation rapidly deteriorates and a firefight ensues. The ruffians focus their efforts on stunning Tallik, and are quickly successful. This pushes Mohr into a rage and he tears the ruffians apart with his mighty axe.

In the end, the ruffians are killed and the leader is captured. The heroes make a deal with him (against Mohr’s very strong urge to kill him) and learn that he had been hired by Decker Krim to fulfill a capture bounty on Tallik. Tallik is shocked by this news. The heroes agree to let him go if he promises to abandon his hunt and help them locate Bandin Dobah.



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