Edge of Empire

Trandoshan Trouble!

Dursk Vuh’al, Selia Bryn’s contact for getting off planet, enters the cantina with news about a squad of gammorean thugs on their way! Fearing that they are looking for Vemro’s favorite tech slave, Skitz Xoseesu and Tol Shala concoct a plan to hide her from the gammorians.

Skitz rushes Selia into the changing room behind the stage while Tol and Dursk keep an eye on the gammorian’s efforts. As soon as it becomes clear that the thugs intend to search the changing room, Tol opens fire! After a quick battle, four gammoreans are dead. The heroes quickly leave the scene and find a place to lie low while Dursk secures passage off world.

Selia, using information acquired from Vemro the Hutt’s criminal database, learns that the notorious trandoshan slave trader Trex, owner of the ship Dursk is hoping to hire, is trapped in port with a damaged hyperdrive. His only hope is a new hypermatter igniter.

The heroes locate the only igniter in the city and trick its owner into giving it to them! Armed with the critical component, the heroes make their way the the spaceport and Trex’s stranded freighter.

Dursk attempts to make a deal with Trex, but the trandoshan isn’t interested in talking and pulls his blaster. Several spaceport security droids come to his assistance and a firefight ensues! Selia dives for cover and does her best to manage the freighter ramp, keeping the number of droids involved in the fight to a minimum. With their numbers reduced, the hunters capture Trex and destroy the droids!

But problems still remain as the spaceport has applied security docking clamps to the freighter, making it impossible to depart. The only hope is to gain access to the spaceport control center and release the clamps directly. Tol manacles the stunned Trex and Dursk begins preparting the ship to launch while Selia and the hunters make their way to the command center.

The clever Selia, taking advantage of the hunter’s distraction, sneaks to a computer terminal and is quickly able to release the docking clamps. All is not well, however, as the hunters overhear the port commander authorizing the landing of an Imperial shuttle nearby!

Selia and the hunters make their way back to the freighter, only to encounter a squad of Imperial stormtroopers on the way!



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