Decker Krim



Decker Krim was recruited into the Black Sun syndicate at an early age. He has performed numerous duties for the organization, including protection rackets, loan sharking, spice trade, and assassination. However is greatest accomplishments have been in the slave trade, specifically twi’lelk women. Decker has established a large market for twi’lek women among the galaxy’s most powerful people. His clients include Hutt gangsters, corporate executives, senators, military officers and private collectors.

In addition to the slave trade, Decker has accumulated a vast wealth of twi’lek cultural artifacts and operates an extremely lucrative smuggling operation. He has perhaps the greatest knowledge of twi’lek history and culture outside of Ryloth. In a way, he truly loves everything about the twi’lek race, but his twisted mind fails to view them as anything but valuable commodities. Decker’s personal collection of slaves and artifacts is said to be priceless.

Decker Krim had long known of the Shal Clan and their legendary artists and dancers. He had watched in awe the holovids of pre-Imperial performances recorded in the greatest performance halls of Coruscant. He knew he must have some, but all of his sources told him that the Clan had disappeared during the Clone Wars.

For years he kept searching for any sign of the famous Clan. He paid a fortune to develop the careers of twi’lek politician and soldiers, confident that eventually his agents would be positioned to learn the truth about the Shala. His efforts paid off when Vurin Bondara was elected to the Clan High Council. Vurin was not an inherently corrupt man, but he owed his entire career to the financial support and political council of his mysterious off-world benefactor. When he learned the secret of Amaranth, he believed that Decker would simply sneak an agent into the city to steal a few pieces of artwork or abduct a few slaves – he had no idea that Decker would kill or enslave every single member of the Clan!

Decker holds the details of Vurin’s involvement in the destruction of Amaranth over him to ensure he has eyes and ears on the Clan High Council. Vurin hates himself for what he did, but is too afraid and ashamed to do anything against Decker.

Decker’s gained rank and prestige within the Black Sun because of his success. He had made back his investment many times over and is enjoying the fruits of his success. Rumors say that he has kept the finest of the Shala women for himself…

Decker Krim

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