Dursk Vuh'al

Bothan Scoundrel


Bothan – Male – 5’0" – Orange/Brown fur, dresses in tan mixed with bright colors.

Brawn 1 Agility 3 Intellect 2 Cunning 4 Willpower 2 Presence 3
Wound 11 Strain 13 Soak 2 Defense: Ranged 0 Melee 0


Dursk’s, part of the Vuh family, and member of the Al clan, was born and raised on Bothawui. His family was like any other Bothan family, craving and practicing intrigue, subterfuge and assassination to further their own ends. But Dursk’s tutor, Gravin Tran’Al, taught that ‘The Way’ was being misinterpreted by many; where most thought ’ar’karai’ (or coming together to protect Bothawui and Bothans) was only needed when extinction was imminent, Gravin said ‘The Way’ was trying to guide Bothans to unite always, and to use their skills for power and intrigue to further the needs of Bothawui and Bothans in the galaxy; that to focus their energies inward, as they had been doing, would only lead to their own destruction.

Gravin was not popular with the old, but many of the young, including Dursk, listened. He bought into Gravin’s beliefs and was excited when groups of young Bothans began to volunteer to fight the Empire. But then Gravin was killed and it was apparent his own family had been involved in the clan elders’ plot to rid themselves of this revolutionary teacher.

Frustrated with his clan’s political stance and the fall of his mentor, Dursk left Bothawui, attempting to hook up with a group rumored to be going to help the rebels. Unfortunately, he was unable to track them down in time, so was left disillusioned, off world and with no real back up plan. So, he did what any other Bothan would do – find those willing to pay for information and those gullible enough to give it up, and start to work on his own path.

Recently, Dursk, has been gathering information for a wealthy corporate investor named Reom. He’s not sure of his exact identity, only learning the name when his handler, Nalen, slipped up in a conversation. Reom seems to be a big, and slightly shady, tech investor involved heavily with a company called IsoTech, but that’s about the extent of Dursk’s knowledge of the man. Dursk is usually very good at finding information, and has resolved to find out as much as he can in the near future. But as Reom is paying the bills, he keeps on working for the man.

The work hadn’t been exciting or risky at first – just hang out in the right places, listen to the right people and report back to Nalen. But then the trouble started, in just such a ‘simple’ job. Dursk talked his way into a private game with some heavy players at a local gambling house. Those at his table weren’t his targets, but they provided perfect cover while he listened in on conversations at a nearby table. Dursk was usually good enough to leave even, or at least not broke, but before he knew what hit him, he was down big and in deep debt to the house. He got the information he needed and left, but now had a huge debt and a bad feeling he had been set up. The information he got didn’t seem all that important, and he’d targeted enough people to know he had been a target himself that night.

In the meeting with Nalen, Dursk realized the extent of the scam, as he was informed that ‘his benefactor’ (Reom) had bought his debt, and was very politely warned to keep his nose out of ‘his benefactor’s’ affairs, to be a ‘good Bothan’, and continue his work…at a lesser pay until his debts were paid in full. And Nalen had just the job, one that would help put a dent in his debt to ‘his benefactor’, while ensuring Dursk could gain the resources needed for even bigger jobs in the future.

For this job, he would meet Reom in person, at The Wheel, with a ship and a team, preferably including a citizen of Rexus Prime. Dursk was able to get transportation to Dondona, where he hoped to hire a ship, with the promise of an IsoTech paycheck. His best lead for a citizen of Rexus Prime seemed to be a small human girl named Selia, a slave born free there. Dursk tried to get Teemo the Hutt to lend her out, but was laughed away. It sounded like having a citizen was helpful, but not critical, so he moved on to looking for a ship. Dursk has some familiarity with the ships and captains in the city, but none were interested. The situation has become very frustrating, and Dursk is looking for an answer, or possibly a way to sneak out on the whole job.

On Nalen, Reom, Shira and Isotech:
While Dursk didn’t like being conned by Nalen, Reom has so far has been as straight forward as any corp exec is gonna be with a group of free lancers. Dursk would like to do more jobs for Isotech and will try to cultivate the relationship. He will do work for other groups also, but may even go as far as keeping Isotech informed of valuable information as part of cultivating that relationship.

On Tol (likely only shared with Selia):
Dursk is looking forward to witnessing the Shala family reunion, and does wish them the best. But he’s very suspicious of how Tol survived. If the imperials captured him, he wouldn’t be free. So he assumes, based partially on Selia’s knowledge of the situation, that Vemro is involved. He’s not sure how, but is going into the reunion thinking there’s a chance Tol, Skitz or other Vemor agents will be there to bring Selia back to Vemro.

On the future:
Dursk left his home world and clan, disillusioned about loyalty and trust. He set out to explore, find his own way and try to find a cause or a group he could trust and be a part of. He’s very happy to have a ship, some funds, and be free of his large debt to Reom. He likes ‘getting away with things’, punching bullies where it hurts (ie: the Yaya clan) and thinks it’s important to ‘get the job done’ when hired to do something. He’s still hopeful this group will stick together and strike out to do something fun and big. What that ‘something’ ends up being is still a mystery. But in the meantime, he’ll keep hoping.

Dursk Vuh'al

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