Big Hairy Hired Gun


Mohr was an adolescent during the Seperatist Crisis, the opening manuever of the Clone Wars. When the war came to Kashyyyk, his father joined the fight, leaving Mohr to run the home while his mother supported the two. His father fell in the conflict, and Mohr’s family joined another family seperated by the war, and the new unit lived happily for a few years.

As the Clone Wars began to encompass even the Outer Rim, it became clear to the village elders that trouble was coming to Kashyyyk. Parents began to send some of their children away, hoping they could escape the horrors coming to Kashyyk and make their way in the galaxy. Mohr left Kashyyyk, but his adopted brother refused. Mohr was not on planet for the blockade and enslavement of Kashyyyk, and has only heard rumors of the true state of the planet.

It took Mohr many years to find his space legs. He didn’t have a great deal of skills that were in demand. But true to form, once he determined he could get paid just for being a Wookiee things got easier. He worked as muscle, a hired gun, and even a bodyguard from time to time. He best skill was deterring trouble before it ever found its way to his employer. It took many years before his nature came into conflict with his job, but it would be costly when it did.

For years, Mohr always made it clear to perspective employers that he wouldn’t kill people indescriminately. Growing up on Kaskyyyk, his community drilled into him a respect for life. Since his departure, he had learned that the rest of the galaxy didn’t seem to respect those same values, which took a long time to adjust to. On Kashyyyk, when groups fought people would allow others to surrender or simply walk away before conflicts came to death. Violence was absolutely part of life, but killing was for hunting or survival. In the Outer Rim, people would kill others for their guns, or even to make a statement.

By the time Mohr met Darius Mun, Mohr had gone through some changes. Primarily, his stature in the community had grown some, and his services were in demand. And undoubtedly, Mohr had begun his slide into “The Outer Rim Way,” relaxing his ideals on how he dealt with the scum and villainy that surrounded him. He had begun to fit right in. On the evening that Darius hired Mohr, perhaps he had failed to give him his usual spiel about what he would and wouldn’t do. It’s difficult to say, because he had been hitting the Wookiee Wango a bit hard that night. But it came to a head in the wilds of Gallinore.

Deep in the jungles of Gallinore, Mohr and the men under his command were tasked with recovering a group of captured scientists. The details of the job were sparse, but Mun made it clear it was because he didn’t have the details himself and the money was too good to pass up. On the surface, Mohr learned that the scientists were being held by the Black Sun. This was a scary prospect since crossing the Black Sun syndicate was a known bad business move. Mohr sent a negotiator in for the prisoners but things went south quickly, and a fight ensued. Mohr’s crew prevailed, but when he reported in to Mun in orbit, Mun panicked. Fearing retribution from the Black Sun, Mun ordered Mohr to eliminate the scientists, the only witnesses to the event. Mohr refused and walked away from the site, the sound of gunfire echoing behind him.

Mun was of course furious and blackballed Mohr, and for months Mohr had diffiulty finding any work. It was during this period that he stumbled into a small Twi’lek girl running for her life. Not understanding what was going on, her begging for Mohr’s help was all he needed to know. Chasing off her persuers, Mohr took the girl under his wing, intending to keep her safe from harm while educating her about life in the Outer Rim.


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