Selia Bryn

Slicer / Outlaw tech


Tiny, blond female human – tiny like someone who grew up on restricted rations and just recently started eating a normal amount.
Prefers jackets with pockets and almost always has a hat or headcovering of some type.

Very clever with computers – you can ask her what she’s doing but most of what she says will be nonsense. Like google translate from Basic to Jawa Trade Talk and back…


When you showed up and asked about the twi’lek Shala I decided to take a chance and get out from under Vemro’s big, fat thumb. I really did meet her at Graz Nordo’s. Didn’t get to talk much but I have a list right here of Nordo’s household as of 15 months ago. (Don’t ask why – it was part of some spying from one underworld house on another) [brings out the computer]

I just want out of here. I know Vemro might try to get me back but I think if I keep sending him information that he would find “useful” he might not try too hard.

Wait, you don’t have your own ship? Seriously? I thought all bount-… ok, fine. Well, I just so happen to know of someone who might have an in… He presents himself as well off but I happen to know that he’s about to have a bit of an issue here and will want to be making a speedy exit and won’t mind someone along to watch his back.

- – - – - – - -

I was about 4 years old or so when I arrived on Raxus Prime. There were about a dozen of us from our clan who were escaping – well, I don’t remember what – just that we didn’t want to be where we were and even that toxic wasteland was better.

We made our way for a few weeks learning how to survive when we hooked up with a group of Jawas. It took some doing for them to let us tag along. At the time I didn’t realize this wasn’t typical behavior. I just thought it was nice to be around people my size – even if they didn’t speak Basic and smelled funny.

After a bit many of the clan left to see if they could find a better place or something, I was still too young to be included in the discussion and I honestly didn’t care. Looking back now it’s hard to believe but kids have a resilience that adults will never have again – the way things are is the way things are and that’s just how it is. If you get a chance for things to be better then great but we don’t spend every moment bemoaning that it’s not.

Over the next few years some members came back and more left. There were usually at least a couple of adults who stayed but after enough time I was often left as the only human with the Jawa tribe. I like to feel that I earned my keep – turns out I picked up on getting salvaged machines and especially computers back in somewhat working condition. Though I guess that’s not surprising when your first toys are a spanner and vibropick. I think the Jawas thought I was a cute mascot – they even got me my own hooded robe.

A few years ago the Empire started patrolling the system and world more. The, ahem, businessmen that the tribe traded with made their appearances less and less. A group of humans had come to warn me that it wasn’t very safe – but they weren’t people I knew; they just said they had talked to someone who knew the situation. I guess I could have gone with them and looking back that might have been a better idea but I didn’t realize that time wasn’t going to be on my side.

Not long after that some procurers for Vemro the Hutt made one last trip to Raxus’. I normally keep my cloak on or just stay out of sight but this time I was coming back late from a salvage outing and had my hood down since I didn’t know we had “company”. One of the guards saw me and decided that since they weren’t going to be doing business here anymore he might as well try to eke out every little bit. Which meant grabbing me. He had some kind of tranq dart and the Jawas didn’t even know I was gone. At least I don’t think they did. Maybe they got a good price for me – who knows…

Vemro didn’t think I was “civilized” enough to be a house slave and threatened to put me to work in the mines. Luckily it was noticed that I had taken apart and rebuilt the broken entertainment display in the slave’s quarters and got it working again. Vemro’s head of security had me working on spy cams and spy ware soon enough.

It was a new way things were. But I guess as you get older you don’t just accept things quite as easily as when you’re younger. I wasn’t treated badly overall but I saw too many instances of slaves who were. I tried to keep my head down but it would just take one time of screwing up a snooper that got tracked back to Vemro and I’d be lucky if it was just the mines. That’s why I came with you guys.

Selia Bryn

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