Skitz Xoseesu

Assassin Rodian Traditionalist


Since the height of their troubles in the Clone Wars, Rodia has been moving further and further away from their tribal roots and violent lifestyles. Slowly over time, their leaders in the Imperial Senate brought culture back to the world, and the technologies most of the galaxy take for granted started are making their way to everyday Rodian lives. This is not the life Skitz was living when he left Rodia on the fated mission with his mother.

Fi Xoseesu showed great promise as a hunter, virtually from birth. Jakoli, perhaps Rodia’s most infamous bounty hunter, took Fi under his wing and with his tutelage she learned the value of the kill. Jakoli spent little time on planet, and Fi would have her son, Skitz, alone and raise him on the strong backs of her tribe. When much of Rodia was abandoning their tribal patterns for the convenience of cities and technology, Fi’s people resisted the change. They understood that strength came from the hunt, and the danger of living in the wild. Technology bought weakness.

When Lakoli died in the vicious games of Count Dooku, Fi received a communication from Decker Krim. Apparently, Lakoli always referred to Fi as his best student, and when Krim needed mercenaries for his raid on Ryloth, and Lakoli was no longer available, Krim reached out to Fi. Her participation was never in doubt, and she convinced Krim to hire her son as well. This was to be his first trip off Rodia, and she was confident that the raid would bring out the best in Skitz. She outfitted her son in the clothes, armor, and weapons of the warrior, and filled him in on the way.

The raid on Amaranth was as violent as it was fruitful. When the doors to Skitz’s lander opened, he emerged weapons drawn and followed his mother into the fray. He was to kill any males he saw, and report the females to the trappers, who were equipped to take them unharmed. At first, through the haze of adrenalin and instincts, Skitz tore through the males. He would claim much glory for his tribe that day. But soon he recognized that these men weren’t equipped to fight back. Some of these people weren’t putting up a fight worthy of a child. It all came to a head when Fi led him into a well cared for, but simple home at the edge of town.

The outcome was never in doubt. Fi led the unit inside and her eyes lit up to find three women waiting for her here. A brave, but woefully outmached Twi’lek tried to defend his family, but he quickly fell to the blaster fire. This was simply too much for Skitz to bear. With the Twi’lek crawling after his family, too wounded to give chase, Skitz remained inside letting his unit move on without him. Skitz scoured the house for simple medical gear and did his best to patch up the Twi’lek’s wounds, preventing him from bleeding out. Then he waited for the Twi’lek to regain consciousness.

Eventually, the Twi’lek awoke with rage in his eyes, seeing one of the invaders in his home. He lept at Skitz but collapsed immediately. Skitz barely spoke Basic, though he understood it, so the exchange went slowly. Skitz slowly explained that the invaders had gone while the Twi’lek was out, taking his wife and daughters with him. The Twi’lek, Tol, pressed Skitz for any information he had on the raiders, out of guilt he gave Tol the only name he knew, Fi Xoseesu.

As the two moved around the ruins of Amaranth, Tol defended Skitz from the rage of the citizens, and Skitz helped the Twi’leks recover from the raid as best he could.

Over time, Tol would recover and the two made plans to leave Ryloth, seeking this “Fi Xoseesu.” Desperately trying to get another name for Tol, Skitz secretly dug up the name of Decker Krim, and presented it to Tol as Fi’s employer, an even bigger piece of the puzzle. As Skitz hoped, their search began to focus on Krim, and not Fi, but her name will always be part of Tol’s plan.

Skitz Xoseesu

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