Tol Shala

Vengeful bounty huner


Male Twi’lek Bounty Hunter / Gadgeteer

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
2 4 2 2 2 3
Wound 14
Strain 13
Soak 4
Defense – Ranged 0
Defense – Melee 0


General Skills Career Rank Dice Pool
Astrogation (int) -
Athletics (Br) -
Charm (Pr) -
Coercion (Wil) 1
Computers (int) -
Cool (Pr) -
Coordination (Ag) -
Deception (Cun) 1
Discipline (Wil) -
Leadership (Pr) -
Mechanics (Int) -
Medicine (int) -
Negotiation (Pr) -
Perception (Cun) 1
Pilot – Planetary (Ag) -
Pilot – Space (Ag) -
Resilience (Br) -
Skullduggery (Cun) -
Stealth (Ag) -
Streetwise (Cun) -
Survival (Cun) -
Vigilance (Wil) 1
Combat Skills Career Rank Dice Pool
Brawl (Br) 1
Gunnery (Ag) -
Melee (Br) -
Ranged – Heavy (Ag) 2
Ranged – Light (Ag) 1
Knowledge Skills Career Rank Dice Pool
Core Words (int) -
Education (int) -
Lore (int) -
Outer Rim (int) -
Underworld (int) -
Xenology (int) -


Talent Rank Activation Acquisition Description
Intimidating 1 OOT Incidental Gadgeteer May suffer a number of strain to downgrade difficulty of Coercion checks, or upgrade difficulty when targeted by Coercion checks, by an equal number. Strain suffered this way cannot exceed ranks in Intimidating.
Toughened 1 Passive Gadgeteer Gain +2 wound threshold.


Weapon Qty Encum Carry Equip Dam Crit Range Special
Blaster Rifle 1 4 Y Y 9 3 Long Stun setting
Brass Knuckles 1 1 Y Y 3 4 Engaged Disorient 3


Armor Qty Encum Carry Equip Soak MDef RDef Special
Padded Armor 1 0 Y Y 2 0 0


Gear Qty Encum Carry Equip Special
Utility Belt 1 0 Y Y Increase Encumberance Threshold by 1 Mod
Comlink (handheld) 1 0 Y -
Binders 0 Y -

Clan Shala

The Shala Clan had a long and proud history on Ryloth. Artists, dancers, poets and singers from Shala enjoyed fame and renown across the planet and beyond. During the time of the Old Republic, works from Shala artists decorated the halls of the Senate and dancers awed noble audiences in the finest areas of the arts districts.

Durin the Clone Wars, the Shala Clan suffered greatly. The battles against Separatist forces on Ryloth destroyed many of the clan’s holdings and forced its members to seek shelter with allied Clans. After years of occupation and fighting, general Anakin Skywalker landed his forces on Ryloth and coordinated the efforts of the local resistance forces and the Republic Clone army. With his leadership, Ryloth was finally free.

The great clan leader Dinak Shala brought the scattered Shala family back together and began rebuilding the clan holdings during the early days of the Empire. Dinak built a small but fantastically beautiful city called Amaranth beneath the thick jungles that dominate the terminator line. Dinak understood the danger that the new Empire was to his people and did his best to keep his clan hidden. Unfortunately, the Shala reputation for beauty and artistry was undiminished, and with a newly invigorated slave trade thriving on Ryloth, it was only a matter of time before before someone decided that Shala slaves would be worth a fortune.

Tol Shala

Early Years

Tol Shala was born in the city of Amaranth in the early days of Dinak Shala’s efforts to rebuild the clan after the devastation of the Clone Wars. Tol was a talented artist and loved exploring the surface to find amazing sights to paint. He proved to be a talented outdoorsman as well (an uncommon trait among the Shala) and learned the thrill of living in the extremely harsh environs of Ryloth.

As a young man, he fell in love with Hirani Shala, a beautiful and talented dancer. Before long, Tol was married and raising two daughters: Talik and Tann. Talik took after her mother and demonstrated a great talent for dance and music at an early age. Tann took after her father, preferring the outdoors and visual arts.

It was a very good time for the family and the troubles of the galaxy seemed very far away.


Decker Krim of the Black Sun syndicate was well connected with Imperial high society and prided himself of providing the finest twi’lek slaves to his discriminating clientele. He had long been aware of the Shala clan, but was unable to procure any of them from Ryloth because of the efforts made by Dinak Shala to protect the city of Amaranth. He was persistent, however, and eventually succeeded in bribing members of the Clan High Council into giving up the Shala.

Krim spent a fortune hiring mercenaries to conduct the attack on Amaranth, but his investment paid off. In the dead of night, dozens of assault shuttles screamed out of the sky and shattered the city’s air defenses. The shuttles landed and disgorged over a hundred mercenaries. Krim only wanted the women, so the mercenaries shot every male they encountered.

Like the rest of the citizens of Amaranth, Tol heard the raid alert and took up arms to protect his family. He fought from his home with his wife beside him, but there was truly no real hope. Tol was hit by a blaster and nearly killed. The last thing Tol saw before losing consciousness was his wife and daughters being dragged away.


Tol regained consciousness many hours later to find that his life had been saved by one of the mercenaries. A young rodian named Skitz Xoseesu had a crisis of conscious during the raid on Amaranth. Skitz decided to abandon his mercenary company and save Tol’s life. When Tol had recovered enough to get back on his feet, they searched Amaranth together for survivors.

Fires still burned throughout the city, but it was otherwise quiet. Bodies of his clan brothers were scattered everywhere. The great art museums had been looted. The libraries had been sacked and burned. Priceless artifacts were stolen or smashed. They spent days searching the ruined city, but found very few survivors. Relief forces arrived from Kala’uun after four days.

Despite his best efforts, he could not get anyone in Kala’uun to tell him who had destroyed his clan. It was clear that someone had sold them out, but no one would speak with him. Frustrated by his people’s apparent complicity, he resolved to seek out the raiders himself. He would find his family, free them from their abductors, and exact bloody vengeance upon everyone involved.

Tol Shala

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