Edge of Empire

Pirate Bounty

Everyone has an inside voice and outside voice

After finding that employees of Decker Krim use Zann Consortium cybertech, the crew of the Silken Sheath discovered a Zann stronghold on the planet Saluecami. In order to get more information about the Consortium they accepted a bounty that might get them more than they bargained for…

“Hunter of masked prey required. Lucrative contract for individuals and groups of sufficient skill and reputation. IPKC optional. Provide contact information and qualifications to HN4-768A via secure comm. ”

Bounty hunter characters have a valid IPKC or Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificate, and would recognize that “IPKC optional” indicates a bounty that is personal or extrajudicial.

The viewscreen flashes, revealing a poised Pantoran woman with blue skin and dark hair. Her voice is melodic, and she speaks with confidence and authority.

“Greetings. My name is Venlana, and I am contacting you on behalf of the Zann Consortium. We are experiencing shipping losses that exceed our projections. These challenges to our bottom line are due to pirates—rather, one pirate in particular—and we would like to contract you as part of our program of loss prevention. Should you be interested, please meet with me on the planet of Saleucami, in the city of Taleucema. ’’

Venlana smiles, her white teeth highlighted by her blue skin. Tol replies,

“Greetings to you, Venlana. I represent a team of bounty hunters who are interested in your contract. They are not IPKCcertified but are highly skilled. They will meet with you directly and only involve me if they need support from my Bounty Hunter’s Guild.”

The Pantoran nods in agreement. “I look forward to meeting with your team.”
The screen flickers off.

The Hunt for Bandin Dobah part 2

After enlisting the help of bounty hunter Jainus Quinceton, the crew of the Silken Sheath receives a tip to investigate warehouse 83…

Tol Shala stands below Jawa sitting on his dias. “Ohtah wato tahkee Sah li ah ha.” The interrogation droid translates,“Vemro the magnificent wonders why you have returned without the slave Selia. Surely killing yourself in the manner of your choosing would be preferable to submitting to Vemro’s wisdom and mercy.”

Nonplussed, Tol responds, “I was unable to bring the girl back.” Vemro narrows his eyes and the Gammorean guards lower their pikes and start to poke at Tol. “However, Selia wanted you to have this.” Tol dropped a bag which spilled out hard credits.

“Ahtah fata makay ooloo. Hybinee teny muhu.”
“Vemro the generous will overlook this mistake. You are to finish hunting down Bandin Dobah before you correct your mistake and return the slave to the palace.”

Tol smiled, “of course. It is my pleasure to serve the mighty Vemro”

The heroes received a tip from Jainus Quinceton, the bounty hunter who had attempted to recapture Tallik Shala for the notorious Black Sun slaver Decker Krim. Quin reported that the heroes would find what they were looking for in an old warehouse in the Formos spaceport city called simply “Warehouse 83”. The warehouse was easy to find. A quick survey revealed two entrances on one side of the building, but no other way in. The heroes found a good observation point atop an adjacent warehouse and settled in to gather more information.

Every hour or so, one or two humans would arrive or depart the warehouse. Nothing could be determined through this observation, however, so a plan was devised to capture one of the humans for questioning. The mighty Mohr was easily able to subdue one of the targets and carry him back to the observation point. When he came to, Dursk and Tallik began questioning him in the “good thug / bad thug” manner.

The captive believed he was being punished for abandoning the employ of another smuggler named Brax in favor of this new opportunity, which was being run by another smuggler. Dursk and Tallik played along and were able to acquire a fair amount of information about the layout and numbers in warehouse 83. Satisfied that they had all the information they were likely to get, they carefully bound and gagged the human and approached the secret hideout.

Dursk was able to easily pick the lock on the warehouse door and Tallik peeked in. There were several people inside: humans, sullustans and aqualish. None were paying any attention to the door and most were focused on an holo gaming rig deeper inside the open warehouse. The heroes plan was to burst into the warehouse, firing their weapons, and get the thugs to quickly surrender. They started their attack with blaster fire and grenades, quickly reducing the numbers of the thugs before they knew what was happening. However, the thugs morale held and they began to fight back. The fight was over fairly quickly, though, resulting in the capture of one of the thugs and the deaths of all the others.

The body of the leader of the smugglers was identified and found to possess, among other things, a complicated droid restraining bolt attachment tool. The heroes discovered that this tool matched a bizarre restraining bolt attached to a partially disassembled R4 droid that had been connected to a computer system. It appeared as if the smugglers were hacking information to/from the droid.

Selia released the R4 droid from its attachment and removed the restraining bolt. As the heroes suspected, this was in fact the missing R4 droid that was stolen by Bandin’s men. The droid was grateful for its rescue, but was very angry about the destruction of his protocol droid counterpart. The droid surprised the heroes by wanting to flay the skin from Bandin Dobah personally. The R4 also reported that it had been uploaded with the coordinates to a secret asteroid base, which the heroes surmised was where Bandin was hiding out from Imperial authorities. Dursk invited the R4 to come along, to which the droid responded that there was no way he wasn’t coming along.

While Selia was working with the droid and the smuggler’s computer system, she discovered a wealth of information regarding glitterstim trade opportunities and contacts. In addition, she discovered a hidden file on the computer system that contained a strange shortwave transmission recording that was identified simply as a “pass”. Talik surmised that this might be a code that could be transmitted to the hidden station that would identify them as friendly.

The heroes returned to the Silken Sheath and, with the help of the R4 droid, made the short hyperspace jump to an asteroid field in a nearby system. Upon arrival, they began scanning for a likely base. Before they got very far, however, a drone approached the ship. Tallik suggested broadcasting the “pass” code, which appeared to satisfy the drone. After that, the heroes were able to identify a large asteroid that seemed like a good place to start their search.

The asteroid was riddled with caves and tunnels. A scan revealed energy signatures and life sighs deep inside, so Dursk selected on of the tunnels and flew inside. After a few minor bumps, the Silken Sheath flew past a chamber in which was docked a single-man starship. There were no life signs present, so the heroes marked its location and proceeded. Deeper into the asteroid they encountered a cavern infested with mynocks. Dursk flew through as fast as he dared, but he believed that the ship had likely picked up a few of the energy parasites.

Finally, the Silken Sheath arrived in a large cavern. The base of the cavern was dominated by a large energy dome containing an atmosphere and a YV-666 freighter, as well as several life signs. Dursk opened a channel to the YV-666 and reported that he had a delivery for Bandin Dobah. He flew through the energy shield and landed near the other ship.

A small group of smugglers exited the YV-666. Their demeanor was generally bored. Dursk and Tallik walked out to meet them while Mohr and Selia monitored them from the ship. Dursk did most of the talking while Tallik played the part of a groupie. Dursk was able to put the smugglers at ease and talked them into playing a bit of sabbac. Things went well until Bandin Dobah himself came storming out of his ship.

The aqualish smuggler yelled at his flunkies and the situation quickly deteriorated. Dursk attempted to salvage the situation, but Bandin was unmoved. Sensing the way things were going, Dursk and Tallik stepped back and tossed stun grenades into the midst of the smugglers.

The fight was rough and Dursk went down. Mohr charged Bandin Dobah and engaged him in a fierce vibro-axe battle. A rodian man who appeared to not be a member of Bandin’s crew carefully watched the battle, clearly reluctant to get involved. He was finally goaded into firing on Mohr, which angered Bandin Dobah for getting in on his kill. The battle ended with Mohr smashing his vibro-axe through Bandin’s own weapon and critically wounding him. Most of the smugglers were dead, and the rodian quickly gave up the fight.

The rodian turned out to be a rodian bounty hunter named Godan Netakka. He was stranded here with a damaged ship. Most of his ship had been scavenged for parts in an attempt to repair the YV-666, which was still only barely functional The heroes offered to return Godan Netakka to Formos.

A search of the YV-666 revealed a wealth of supplies and a cargo of glitterstim. The heroes decided to gift most of the recovered items to Vemro the Hutt in an attempt to buy off Selia’s obligation. They also decided to gift the YV-666 to Tol Shala and Skitz to aid them in their efforts to locate and liberate members of the Shala clan.

After dropping Zukata off on Formos, the heroes plan their next steps…

The Hunt for Bandin Dobah

To free Tol Shala from his obligation to pursue the notorious smuggler Bandin Dobah, the crew of the Silken Sheath has agreed to accept a bounty in his name. Their hunt begins on the backwater world of Formos, located at the junction of two hyperspace routes. Meanwhile, on The Wheel, a nefarious villain hatches a malevolent plan…

A large man sits in darkness. The only light comes from the soft green electronic glow of indicators on his wrist. Then his communicator squawks. The man answers it gruffly, “You shouldn’t be contacting me.” The voice on the other end is fast and anxious, “Believe me, I don’t want to but this is my last courtesy to you. I am leaving. I’m on the next shuttle out. Good bye, good riddance, syonara. Helping you out really fucked me over. Ten year career down the shaft.”

The dark man considers before responding, “What’s the problem? You will be paid for your assistance.”
“The problem is that I will never be able to work anywhere again. I might not even be able to show my face on an imperial world. At least not for a few years. And for what? You got nothing. It was a big waste. Ten fucking years down the shitter.”
“It wasn’t a waste. I have a plan and soon I will know where to find my prey. Your assistance was appreciated but do not contact me again.”
“You got it bub. My pleasure.”

The Silken Sheath arrives at the planet Formos to begin their search for Bandin Dobah. They land at the only major settlement, simply called the Formos Spaceport. The city has a reputation as a haven for dangerous smugglers. The heroes know of a somewhat famous cantina in the spaceport with a reputation for promoting promising up-and-coming musicians, and is known to be very popular with the locals. The heroes decide to split up and arrive at the cantina in two groups.

On the way to the cantina, Mohr and Dursk take time to speak with several locals in the city’s small market. They discover that water is a valuable commodity here. An unlucky human boy attempts to steal a stimpack from Mohr, but the big wookie catches him. Along with his stimpack, Mohr discovers the wallet of another of the young thief’s victims. Mohr takes the wallet in the hope of returning it to its owner.

Meanwhile, Tallik and Selia make their way through the spaceport’s unused alleyways toward the cantina in the hope of arriving unobserved. As they round a corner, they witness some kind of trap door hidden in the alley open up and three humans emerge carrying a large crate. The men look around, but they fail to see the young girls. The men take their cargo to a waiting transport, load it up, and leave. Tallik uses her comm to inform Mohr of what she had seen. Mohr warns here not to go in there, and Tallik agrees that she won’t.

As soon as Tallik disconnects the comm, she sneaks up to the trap door for a quick look. She carefully opens the door to peak in and is greeted by two men with blasters pointed at her. She yelps in surprise and takes off fast with Selia close behind. The men in the secret pit do no pursue.

Mohr and Dursk have continued making their way towards the cantina. They are confronted by a strange insectoid person who chitters at them in its native language. They quickly determine that they are completely unable to communicate with the insectoid and continue on their way.

Eventually, Mohr and Dursk arrive at the cantina. There are many people here of various species enjoying drinks and music. They notice a large screen displaying a 10,000 credit bounty for Bandin Dobah, offered by the ISB. Dursk begins to ask questions. Mohr noticed a protocol droid working as a service of the cantina and requests to borrow it so that he might learn what the strange insectoid person was trying to tell him.

Dursk is approached by a seedy man who offers to sell him information and he agrees. It is learned that Bandin is the leader of a smuggling operation in the area of space, but not is exact whereabouts.

Tallik and Selia arrive. Tallik begins working with the musicians, hoping to gain their trust so that she can get some information from therm. Selia keeps a low profile and watches.

Mohr and Dursk take the cantina’s protocol droid to find the insectoid person. They strike up a conversation and learn that the creature is a missionary spreading the good word. They chat with him for a little while, but are unable to learn anything new about Bandin Dobah. They begin to make their way back to the cantina when they hear a muffled voice from a garbage container in an ally.

They investigate an discover a badly damaged protocol droid. The droid tells them that he and his counterpart, R4-W9, were attacked. He was left for scrap while the astromech was abducted. The protocol droid begs the heroes to help save his companion. They learn that the protocol droid contains secret navigation data for travelling the Kessel Run, making him very valuable to any smuggler. Mohr takes the broken droid back to the Silken Sheath.

Back in the cantina, Tallik and Selia notice a sophisticated looking rodian woman enter the cantina. She tried to keep to herself, but several patrons begin harassing her. Tallik comms Mohr that there might be trouble, but before he can get back to the cantina, Dursk interjects himself and deflects the situation. The rodian woman is appreciative and chats with Dursk. He learns that she works for a rodian planetary survey company and is gathering information for an updated revision. She knows a good amount of information about smuggler activity in general, but nothing specific on Bandin Dobah.

At the end of the night, Tallik chats with the musicians about the goings on around the spaceport, but is unable to learn and additional information.

The heroes make their way back to the Silken Sheath, but on their way Dursk is approached by a shadowy man. The man has heard that the heroes are looking for Bandin Dobah. For a small price, he will show them where he is. The asking price is ridiculously low and the heroes are very suspicious, but they follow the informant to a boarded-up warehouse. Tallik spends several minutes casing the warehouse but is unable to see inside. She does discover a strange mechanism on the roof and decides that it would be a good idea to disable it. Mohr boosts Selia up to the roof and she makes sure that the device is no longer functional.

Dursk knocks on the door with Tallik standing behind him. Mohr and Selia stay hidden and ready in case of trouble. They are greeted by several ruffians, the leader of which is a human with a cybernetic arm. Noone here looks like Bandin Dobah, so Dursk claims that he is the owner of R4-W9 and has heard that his missing droid was here. The leader says that he’s sure that something could be worked out and invites Dursk and Tallik inside. Dursk isn’t interested in entering, especially once he noticed the net trap over the door (which, it turns out, is connected to the mechanism Selia had disabled on the roof). When it becomes clear that Dursk isn’t coming in, the ruffians make their way outside. The leader takes a special interest in trying to determine Tallik’s identify through her shadow cloak.

The situation rapidly deteriorates and a firefight ensues. The ruffians focus their efforts on stunning Tallik, and are quickly successful. This pushes Mohr into a rage and he tears the ruffians apart with his mighty axe.

In the end, the ruffians are killed and the leader is captured. The heroes make a deal with him (against Mohr’s very strong urge to kill him) and learn that he had been hired by Decker Krim to fulfill a capture bounty on Tallik. Tallik is shocked by this news. The heroes agree to let him go if he promises to abandon his hunt and help them locate Bandin Dobah.


“Logic and reason must be tempered by passion and instinct”

As the Silken Sheath emerges from hyperspace at The Wheel, the atmosphere is electric with Talik’s excitement at the prospect of seeing her father. When the ship receives a communication from the station, the mood darkens as they realize not all is well.

The crew of the Silken Sheath race back to the Wheel station and Talik’s long-awaited reunion with her father, Tol. Talik can barely contain her excitement at the prospect of returning home to Ryloth with her family. Her companions fear that Talik may be in for disappointment, but are unwilling to dampen the young twi’lek’s enthusiasm.

The hyperspace journey concludes with the Silken Sheath appearing at the space station on schedule, but the heroes are surprised to see long queues of ships waiting for docking instructions. Dursk learns that the stations is on a security lockdown and all ships are being searched for contraband. The crew is eager to land, but has no need to cause trouble. They queue up and wait to dock.

Upon landing, Dursk and the others are confronted by station security. They explain that they will need to question each of the heroes and scan the ship for contraband. Dursk tries his best to talk the security personnel out of it, but in the end agrees.

The interviews focus on where the heroes are travelling from and whether they have been involved in recent weapons traffiking. The process takes a long time, espcially with Talik, as she enthusiastically talks to the interviewer about her upcoming meeting with her father. During this time, a scanning crew arrives and begins the process of scanning the Silken Sheath.

The scans encounter multiple issues which further delay the heroes. Talik is beside herself with impatience, but eventually they are cleared to enter the station. They proceed to the main turbolift.

The turbolift stops somewhere between decks! As the heroes try to figured out what is happening, the compartment begins filling up with gas! Dursk and Selia quickly put on their breath masks, but Mohr and Talik have no such option. Dursk uses his comlink to call for help; Talik and Selia work on gaining access to the turbolift’s controls; Mohr begins smashing the ceiling of the compartment, hoping to release the gas out into the lift shaft.

Dursk speaks with station security, but they report that their monitors show everything is working properly in the lift. Dursk begins to suspect that the attempt to sudue the heroes with the gas is actually being perpetrated by the security forces themselves! He disconnects from them and tries to get help from IsoTech.

Meanwhile, Talik succeeds in unlocking the panel that secures access to the turbolift controls. That was her final act before succuming to the gas, and she collapsed to the floor. Mohr’s powerful blows shashed through the ceiling, but he feared that he might not be quick enough. Selia, finally able to access the controls, took over the lift operations and sent the compartment on to its destination.

They arrived at the main station ring and escaped the gas trap, Mohr carrying the unconscious Talik easily. The young twi’lek quickly came to once she was out of the lift, but she remained a little groggy. There was no sign of whoever had set the trap and station security stuck to their story about not knowing what was going on.

Dursk and Selia remained concerned about the trap, but Talik was far more interested in moving on and seeing her father at last. Seeing that Talik was unwilling to delay her reunion further, the heroes followed her to a darkly lit bar on the station’s main promenade.

There, sitting in a dark corner, was Tol! Talik yelped in delight and ran to Tol, so jumped out of his seat just in time to catch his daughter in his arms. The unabashed joy on Tol’s face at seeing his daughter was plain for all to see, and though Mohr was very happy for Talik, he also saw that the Tol before him was a very different man than the one Talik had described. Instead of the gentle artist was a heavily armed professional bounty hunter. Mohr recognized a hard and dangerous man, but there was absolutely no doubt about his love for his daughter.

Talik was excited to introduce Mohr and the others to her father. Tol was clearly pleased to see Selia and Dursk had escaped and were in good health. Talik gushed about Mohr and how he had saved her life. Her affection for the big wookie was very clear.

After several minutes, Tol explained to the heroes how he came to be waiting for them here. After being wounded on Dondonna, he and Skitz were dragged before Vemro at his palace. Vemro offered them a deal: work exclusively for Vemro, and he would tell Tol where one of his daughters could be found and allow him time to locate the rest of his family. Tol agreed.

Unfortunately, Vemro wanted Selia back. When Tol was dispatched to the Wheel, he was instructed to return with the escaped slave girl. Tol never had any intention of following through with that order, but he explained to the heroes that Vemro would likely send someone less discerning next time. Vemro, however, was known to be fairly reasonable for a Hutt. If a large cash sum could be paid to him, perhaps he could be convinved to let Selia go. Tol would act as Selia’s agent. Mohr provided 5000 credits to achieve this goal.

Tol took several minutes to speak with Mohr privately, being very interested in learning more about the wookie who had become so important to his daughter’s life. Tol thanked him for protecting Talik when he himself could not, and asked him why he would take an interest. From Tol’s experinece, very few people were willing to put themselves out for a stranger without some sort of potential for profit.

Mohr explained that Talik reminded him of his own daughter who had been murdered along with the rest of his family by trandoshan hunters many years ago. The men spoke for several minutes and returned to the group. Mohr warned Tol about the dangerous path he was on and encouraged him to abandon the lift of a hunter as soon as he could, fearing that Talik might lose her father all over again.

Tol finally broke the news to Talik that he couldn’t take her back with him yet. The palace of a Hutt is no place for a young twi’lek, and Tol’s continued hunt for Talik’s sister and mother was sure to be extremely dangerous and violent. Tol told Talik where she could find him on Dondona and hoped she would visit him often. As soon as Tann and Hirani were free, they would all leave together and start their lives anew.

Talik was crushed by the news and did her best to argue, but eventually her father let her know, gently but firmly, that this was the way things would be.

Meanwhile, Dursk was called to the station security offices to make a statement about the events in the turbolift. He made a big show of being outraged at what had happened, but denied any responsibility for the damage to the compartment ceiling. The security officers were unconvinved, butdid not press charges.

Talik and Tol spent all of their available time together. Mohr was glad to see them so happy together, but it also served to bring up the painful memories of his own loss.

Mohr was summoned to the station security offices and questioned about the turbolift incident. Mohr explained that he had in fact damaged the compartment. The security personnel were satisfied with his answer no charges were filed. They shared that the turbolift itself had been sabotaged somehow and the gas cannisters had been installed for the trap. They also reported that the security cameras were not working during the time of the incident. Their only lead was an unfocused image of a man who may have been somehow involved. Noone has been able to indetify the man.

During this time, Talik started asking in the “usual places” for the new Nova Viper pistol she had heard about. Her inquries led her to a weapons show in the lower levels of the Wheel. There, she asked the proprietor about the weapon. The properietor explained that he might have such a weapon, but that with the security lockdown in place, it was considered contraband. Talik assured him that she wouldn’t tell if he didn’t.

Unfortunately, the proprietor went ahead and informed security of Talik’s attempt. They confronted her and strongly discouraged her from pursuing such attempts in the future. No charges were pressed.

Skitz returned to the Wheel with information about Bandin Dobah, a smuggler whom Vemro had placed a bounty. Tol conferred with the heroes and they made a deal. Tol and Skitz would continue their efforts to locate Hirani and Tann. Meanwhile, the heroes would track down and capture Bandin Dobah. This would keep Venmro happy.

In addition, Vemro was looking to recover some of the cargo from Trex’s ship. Unfortunately, the cargo had already been traded away. The heroes gave the details of that transaction to Tol, who intends to follow up as soon as possible.

Scrapheap Point

“Sometimes what you value most, another values least.”

With a shipload of survivors, the Silken Sheath emerged from hyperspace dangerously close to the Imperial shipyard at Raxus Prime. They must bypass planetary security to find the secret Isotech base at Scrapheap Point.

Captain Harsol turned to an engineer wearing patchwork clothes. “We should be arriving soon, Gilbin. What have you learned?”

The exhausted engineer pointed to the cockpit. “Sir, we would have no trouble gaining control of the ship. Their crew is as tired as we are and only the wookie would put up resistance. He might even be docile if we had the Twi’lek as a hostage.”

Cratala overheard this and chimed in, “Captain, you aren’t seriously considering violence, are you? These people rescued us.”

Harsol replied back, “Rescued? That remains to be seen. They came to Chologana looking for profit. We are no more than a bounty to them. Maybe not even that.” He rubbed a blaster wound on his shoulder. “But don’t worry. I just want to know what my options are. Besides, I’m looking forward to seeing Raxus. I was never able to visit although I hear it’s beautiful. And surely I still have friends there.”

Cratala frowned, “You are thinking of Raxus Secundus. We are headed to Raxus Prime. It’s a shithole by all accounts… but don’t let the girl hear you say that. For some reason she has a soft spot for that trash heap.”

Harsol rolled his eyes. “That’s just great. I’m really going stir crazy here. If we don’t arrive soon I’m gonna pick a fight with someone. Probably the wookie.”

Cratala patted his back. “You just hate it when you aren’t in charge.”

Harsol nodded in agreement. "Damn straight I hate it. Putting our fate in the hands of these lowlifes. "

Cratala shrugged. “I trust them. Mostly. Oh, did I tell you, I think someone went through my backpack.” Harsol glared and started to speak but she cut him off, “it’s okay. Nothing is missing and the encryption seal is intact. Just watch my back.”

Harsol gritted his teeth. “Oh, I will.”

The Sliken Sheath emerged from hyperspace near Raxus Prime and was quickly challenged by an Imperial patrol craft. Dursk quickly spun a story about returning a jawa traveler home, explaining the lack of identification and credentials on the jawa people’s notorious habit of ignoring the common rules of galactic trade and travel.

Dursk knew his story was pretty thin and prepared to make a run for it, but at the last moment the Imperial customs agent granted passage to the planet. With a sigh of relief, Dursk set a course to the secret IsoTech base hidden in the midst of the vast garbage heap of Raxus Prime.

The coordinates proved accurate and Dursk was guided to a landing platform near a pile of broken starships at the edge of a toxic lake. The heroes could see a number of local jawas on skiffs going about their scavenging business on the poisonous waters. The ship landed easily and as Dursk and the others debarked the ship, they were met by the IsoTech representation, a rodian named XXXXX.

The rodian invited Dursk and the others into the hidden facility where Dursk debriefed him on the mission. Captain Harsol and Cratala where present as well and corroborated the story. XXXXX was impressed with the heroes success, but he was unable to offer full payment until Reom arrived. Reom, he explained, had suffered another attack back on the Wheel and was still recovering.

While the heroes waited for Reom, they were invited to look over the cybernetic materials available from their company shop. There was a wide selection of items available, and Selia discovered a brain augmentation system that she thought would very well for her. Tallik was disappointed that they didn’t carry firearms, since she had recently learned about a new blaster pistol that she was hoping to try out.

Dursk was looking forward to offloading the captured speeder bikes and Imperial armor, and the local jawas seemed like the perfect customers. As luck would have it, the jawas routinely traded with the residents of Scrapheap Point, and XXXXX was happy to arrange a trade meet.

The next day, Dursk and the others were informed that the jawas were on their way. Dursk stayed aboard the Silken Sheath while Mohr, Selia and Talik rode the captured speeder bikes, loaded with the armor, to the meeting place at the edge of the base.

It’s a trap!!!

As XXXXX and the heroes arrived to meet the trade delegations, the jawas pulled out blasters and attacked. These were not jawas at all, but sullustans in disguise! At the same time, the rodians and trandoshans leaped from the crates on the trade skiffs and joined the battle.

The heroes responded quickly, using the heavy weapons of the speeder bikes to great effect, but not before XXXXX was cut down. A mighty gun battle ensued as the attackers pressed forward.

At the same time, Dursk became aware of trouble at all of the entrances to the base. He worked quickly to get the Silken Sheath airborne while members of Captain Harsol’s crew manned the guns. Several of the attackers attempted to disable the freighter with carefully placed explosives, but Dursk was able to keep them at bay long enough to lift off.

The gunfight in the other hanger was wrapping up, but not before Mohr and Talik had suffered injuries. They cleaned up the remaining attackers and then headed back into the base to look for any other signs of trouble. They found another group of attackers engaged in a firefight against the defenders near the command center. Talik used her speeder’s heavy weapon to cut them down from behind.

By this time, Dursk had destroyed the last of the attacking skiffs and returned to the base. They are taken further back into the base where they met Reom. It turned out that Reom had been there all along, but was still recovering from his injuries. He paid the heroes triple the agreed upon price for their efforts.

As Dursk and Reom discussed plans for the future, they were were interrupted by a report of TIE fighters searching the area. It looked like the attackers had tipped the Imperials off once their own efforts had failed. Reom called for an evacuation and explained that a large section of Scrapheap Point was actually an old Correlian Corvette that was in partially working order. He asked the heroes to help them escape.

Dursk and Selia stayed aboard the corvette and set about getting the ship functional again while Mohr and Talik assisted with clearing away debris. Selia demonstrated her technical wizardry and soon the ship was ready. Mohr and Talik returned to the Silken Sheath, along with a borrowed pilot and astrogator.

The ship took off, but it was apparent that the corvette was unable to work up much speed, so Talik told the pilot of the freighter to try and draw off the incoming TIE fighters. The attempt was partially successful, but the Imperials quickly turned back to the corvette once the realized what was happening.

The fighters pounded the old corvette with blaster fire, but it only sustained minor damage before its defensive fire, combined with that of the Silken Sheath, shot them down. But before they could reach the hyper limit, a pair of Imperial system defense ships blocked their path. A tense firefight ensued and the corvette suffered major damage, but in the end they were able to make their escape.

The ships emerged from hyperspace together and docked. Reom thanked the heroes once again and suggested more opportunities to work together in the future. Selia took the opportunity to have her new cybernetic brain augmentation installed.

Reom had also received a message for Talik. She was surprised about this, not knowing who could possibly know to contact Reom to get a message to her. She played the holo message and, when the image of her father appeared, fainted.

Once she recovered, she played the message again…

My sweet Talika. When I heard you were alive my heart sang in a voice as beautiful as your own. For the next two weeks I will be at The Wheel. After that you can find me at the Canteena at Tos Shuuta. Please let me know you are well.

Talik was shocked that her father was alive and wanted to rush to the Wheel immediately. Selia’s surgery and logistics prevented their immediate departure, but her friends promised they would get there as soon as possible. Talik waited impatiently until they got underway, excited beyond words for the upcoming reunion with her father!


Items Dursk wants to confirm before leaving the secret deep space base, Iso-One:

  • We all have papers now: You can’t get a passport here or The Wheel. If you want a fake passport, Reom suggests talking to his sister, Shira. He gives you Wheel credentials:
    • Dursk: IsoTech contract employee, renewed monthly. Unrestricted general access to The Wheel.
    • Selia: IsoTech patient, good for one month. Includes one free visit to medbay for a brain checkup.
    • Talik & Mohr: Crew. Dursk can arrange one week “shore leave” for general access and indefinite hangar access sleeping on the ship. Additional shore leave can be arranged but requires fees and paperwork.
    • Shira pays for referrals so Selia and Talik might get a job if they are willing to wear makeup and talk about how great IsoTech products are.
  • The ship has papers and belongs to Dursk – if the question is asked, Dursk of course suggests having the other’s listed as owners also. But he doesn’t bring it up if they don’t.
  • The engineer came back and finished converting the controls from Trandoshan to human.
  • The tech assigned to cleaning helped Dursk get the ship cleaned from top to bottom.
  • Before taking off, Selia and Dursk do a complete check to ensure no trackers, etc are on or in ship.
  • All of the cleaning and conversions are done competently but they aren’t able to do the 100,000 light year maintenance that the ship needs.
  • Reom asks you deliver a message disc to Shira.

Conversation with Reom.
‘You went to an awful lot of trouble to con me into debt, and then to buy that debt. So while I am glad to be out of that debt now, I’m curious. Did you get everything you paid for…perhaps even more?’
Reom explains that Nalen manufactured the debt for his own gain and to deliver to Reom. While Reom didn’t have direct knowledge of this, he generally knows how Nalen operates. Reom doesn’t approve of Nalen’s methods but is willing to profit from them. Reom would rather you not confront Nalen, but if you insist, Reom will help arrange that. As for getting good value, your mission was deep speculation. Cratala seems to be willing to cooperate and if she’s as good as it seems, it will be a huge win for IsoTech. Even if it all works out, the real profits won’t be realized for a decade.

‘Tol, Tallik’s father, from the very short time I knew him, seems like an honorable man. But last we saw him, he was captured by storm troopers. Troopers that report to an officer that is in the pocket of Vemro. So I believe we’re walking into some form of trap. Where was that message sent? Who was it ‘addressed’ to? And when did it arrive? The answers may help decide just what level of trouble we’re going to find ourselves back on the wheel. And to what level Vemro knows about your operations out here.’
Reom doesn’t know anything about Vemro. Tol showed up saying that station administration said that Dursk was working for IsoTech. He thought Talik was with Dursk and I confirmed it. He gave me the holo recorder to give to her and told me he would wait two weeks.

’I’ve enjoyed this work, and learned quite a bit. You mentioned possibly hiring us in the future, and I look forward to that conversation. As for payment, credits are always good, but information and resources can sometimes be even better. So if you come by any information or resources that you feel me or my crew can use, let me know. I’m sure we can work together more.’
Reom already assumed that was the case. He provided Dursk an IsoTech “working visa” for The Wheel and suggested that Selia and/or Talik get a part time job with IsoTech on The Wheel. If you keep in contact with the office they can tell you of opportunities for work.

Conversation with Cratala

’I’m glad things are working out for you. I think Reom will get you set up with an awesome lab, and the pay should be great. Not to mention, you may be able to stick it to the Empire through your work! :). Based on how much Reom has gone through to get your intelligence, I figure you’ll be able to work out quite the deal for yourself. But if there’s anything you need in the future, just let me know. I’m happy to help. And I’ll be on the lookout for any information or tech you may like. You never know what you run into in the galaxy.

We’re headed to the The Wheel. Is there anything you need that we can pick up? I figure Reom can get you anything, but wanted to ask. Also, if there’s any of your crew that want to move on, I’m happy to bring them along. I’m sure Reom can give them a little advance pay for your partnership.

You say your goodbyes and Cratala is thankful, although there is a hint of “you are just doing your job”. She really enjoyed assisting on Selia’s brain surgery and seems to have some fondness for Talik. You think something about Talik hits an emotional chord with her.

As for bringing a survivor back the The Wheel, there certainly could be takers. If a player wants to describe it then go for it. Otherwise I won’t bother.

Survivor Rescue

“When you live to avoid fear, you suffer fear every day.”

During negotiations with the survivors on Cholganna, the landing of an imperial scout ship plunges the camp into chaos. Tension is high as possible four way battle threatens to break out between the imperials, the survivors, the Yiyar Salvage Clan, and the Silken Sheath.

Talik’s blaster show struck Captain Harsol. He turned in a rage and shouted at the young girl, but he chose not to further escalate the situation. His words stung Talik and she backed down.

Meanwhile, the probe droids continued buzzing around the survivors hidden encampment. Captain Harsol and the others shot at the droids while most Dursk did his best to convince the Captain that we should make a break for the ship now. Catlana, in a panic locked herself in the access area of the cybernetic nexu pen, clearly on the verge of panic. Dursk did his best to manage the situation, but Mohr and Talik became more and more convinced that this particular confrontation wasn’t their fight.

Eventually, the surviving probe droids departed. An amplified voice from the jungle nearby called out to the encampment, introducing himself as Agent Ossnan of the Imperial Security Bureau. The agent asked to speak with whomever was in charge, and eventually Captain Harsol responded. The agent claimed that he had been searching for the Sa Nalaor and any survivors for a long time and that he was there to rescue them. He also attempted to discredit both the crew of the Silken Sheath and the rodian salvagers by identifying them as wanted criminals.

Captain Harsol wanted nothing to do with the agent and repeatedly demanded that he go away. The agent remained polite, but insisted that Captain Harsol hand over the wanted criminals for prosecution before leaving. Captain Harsol considered it, but decided against it.

Dursk and Captain Harsol put together a plan involving the local hunters, the nexu, the heroes and the rodians. The hunters would begin harassing the Imperials in an attempt to lead them into dangerous areas in the jungle. The cyber-nexu would be released and instructed to kill the Imperials. During the chaos, the heroes and the rodians would ambush the Imperials with modern weapons.

The plan was executed successfully and most of the Imperials were killed or captured, but Agent Ossnan managed to escape.

Interrogation of the captured Imperial revealed that they were a small group of scouts attached to the ISB. None of the prisoners had any knowledge of strategic objectives, unfortunately, but the heroes did learn that there were less than 20 total scouts on the newly-arrived ship.

With this information, the heroes decided to attack the ISB Scout Vessel in the hope that it could provide enough capacity to evacuate the survivors to a nearby world. The attack would consist of two elements: the heroes and rodians would comprise the first group, using two captured speeder bikes for fire support. Captain Harsol, his battle droids and a group of the large reptilian mounts would comprise the second group.

The first group arrived at the landing site of the Silken Sheath and the rodian’s YT-2400 first and discovered several ISB scouts and their speeder bikes guarding the area. The heroes stormed out of the jungle in a surprise attack, hoping to quickly reduce the numbers of the scouts and drive them into confusion. The battle was viscous, and in the end the scouts were killed or captured, though two of the rodians were also killed.

The heroes pressed their advantage and started racing to the landing site of the ISB scout ship, but well before they arrived they saw the ship lift into the sky and depart.

With the location of the survivors settlement now clearly known by the Empire, Captain Harsol was finally convinced to abandon his isolation. Dursk had been constantly working to convince Catlana and Harsol to return with them to IsoTech. Eventually it took a bit of deal-making between Dursk and the rodian captain, but Captain Harsol agreed.

With the survivors in tow and the cybernetic information intact, the heroes make their way the secret rendezvous at the hidden facility on Raxus Prime…

Addendum: While calculating the safety route to Raxus Prime, a piece of data caught Selia’s notice. It was a list of planets where Trex has a potential job. The data was encrypted:


Plundering Sa Nalaor

“Even the Sweetest Child has a Vicious Streak.”

While searching the wreckage of the Sa Nalaor, the crew of the Silken Sheath are alarmed to see another armed freighter land beside theirs.

Meanwhile on Dondonna, Tol Shala and Skitz Xoseesu must consider an offer from Vemro the Hutt…

The nefarious crime lord Vemro the Hutt made a dangerous offer to the imprisoned bounty hunters Tol Shala and Skitz Xoseesu. If they work for him, Vemro would tell them exactly where Tol’s eldest daughter Talik could be found. Further, the Hutt would allow Tol to continue searching for his missing wife and youngest daughter while in the Hutt’s service. Tol, desperate for news about his missing family, jumped at the opportunity. Skitz, though very wary of the Hutt’s offer, stood by his friend.

The crew of the Silken Sheath had made their way back to the landing clearing in the jungles of Cholganna. They hid themselves within the dark undergrowth and watched as a group of rodians and transdoshans exited the newly arrived YT-2400 freighter which had set down a short distance away from their own ship. The newcomers checked the Silken Sheath briefly, but made no attempt to gain access. Instead, they searched the area to determine which way the heroes had traveled.

The heroes recognized some of the newcomers. These were the ones who had attempted to steak IT-3PO! Armed with that knowledge, the heroes decided to strike first. From their hiding places within the jungle, they waited until the new arrivals were in their sites, then sprung the ambush! The lead trandoshan went down under a pair of devastating shots from Mohr’s bowcaster. This was followed by a additional gunfire from the others. The newcomers turned and ran back towards their ship.

The heroes pursured, firing at the fleeing enemy as they dashed towards their ship. Several went down, but the leader made it back to his ship. During the running battle, Dursk Vuh’al was critically injured, but Mohn picked him up and carried him back to the Silken Sheath.

Talik contacted the rodian captain and told them that they had to leave the planet immediately. The captain demanded that he be allowed to retrieve his wounded crew members from the field first. Mohr was having none of it, though, and Talik informed the rodian that his request had been denied. The rodian captain attempted to retrieve his wounded anyway, but one challenging roar from the mighty wookie drove him back into his ship.

Selia managed to revive Dursk just in time to see a group of of huge water creatures emerge from the lake! Each creature carried a rider and two old battle droids! IT-3PO identified the lead rider as none other than the missing Captain Harsol. Tensions between to rodians and the heroes were still high, but Dursk bravely walked out with the protocol droid to speak with what were clearly survivors of the Sa Nalaor crash.

The presence of IT-3PO was enough to convince Captain Harsol to allow the heroes (as well as the rodians) to follow him back to his settlement, which was carefully hidden a short distance from the main hull section of the wreckage. There were over 30 survivors living in the settlement, along with a number of marginally-functional battle droids. The wounded heroes were introduced to Catlana, who proved to be an accomplished doctor. Their wounds were treated.

Harsol called a town hall meeting where he introduced the heroes to the rest of the survivors. They were amazed to see newcomers. It became quickly apparent to the heroes, though, that not all of the survivors were happy with Harsol’s leadership. Harsol was very afraid of the Empire, fearing that he and his people would be executed for being members of the Separatist Alliance during the Clone Wars, but others simply wanted to get away from their exile.

Over the next couple of days, Durst and Talik spent a lot of time meeting the people of the settlement. Dursk focused his efforts on learning as much as he would while Talik spent her time charming the population and reminding them of all the good things that civilization had to offer. The heroes quickly learned that Catlana, the Arkanian scientist, was responsible for the cybernetic enhancements performed on the nexu. She was an absolute genius in the field. Durst determined that she was the most valuable asset that could be returned to IsoTech, but she was resistant to leaving the planet. She was worried that her efforts would be co-opted by the Empire and she’d be forced to create weapons to advance their hated cause. Talik and Dursk did their best to reassure her that she could have a life outside their control somewhere on the Outer Rim.

During this time, the rodian captain spoke privately with Dursk. The rodian wanted to make a deal where his clan would gain salvage rights to the wreckage (and include a profit percentage to Dursk) and the heroes would take the survivors back to IsoTech. Dursk pretended to agree with the rodian, but never had any intention of dealing with him.

Catlana was convinced to leave the planet with the heroes, but doing so required Talik to denounce not only Harsol’s leadership, but the rodians as well. Word got out to the rodian captain, who publicly called Dursk out. Dursk attempted to bait the rodian into violence, and while the rodian was infuriated, he never attempted to draw on the bothan. While the two captains shouted back and forth, Talik moved through the growing crowd and fueled the fires with carefully placed commentary.

At the height of the argument, another ship descended to land nearby!

Everyone panicked. The survivors ran for weapons or dove into secret hiding places. Captain Harsol, armed and armored, stepped forward and shouted angrily at Dursk, blaming him, and them himself, for bring the Empire down upon them. Harsol kept pointing his blaster at Durk, working up his anger more and more. Talik was not about to let anyone threaten her new friends with a blaster – she took careful aim with her blaster and fired…

Discovery at Cholganna

“Triumph over fear is what differentiates living from existing.”

Dursk Vuh’al and his crew race to Cholganna in search of a Banking Clan treasury ship, not far ahead of other treasure hunters who wish to claim the prize.

Meanwhile on Dondonna, Tol Shala and Skitz Xoseesu face a brutal interrogation at the hands of Vemro the Hutt…

The bounty hunters Tol Shala and Skitz Xoseesu find themselves prisoners of the notorious crime lord Vemro the Hutt! They are ruthlessly interrogated about their role in the escape of Selia Bryn, Vemro’s favorite tech slave. Tol does his best to keep the location of the young girl a secret, hoping to trick the Hutt into looking for her at the wrong location. But the hunters never had a chance to coordinate their stories, and they were beaten roughly for their attempted deception.

Tol is finally taken before Vemro and explains that Selia had promised him information about his family if he would help her escape. The Hutt understood his motivation and accepted it, then had the hunters thrown back into his prisons, their ultimate fate a mystery!

Meanwhile, the crew of the Silken Sheath have departed the Wheel and, using the recovered astrogation data, plot a hyperspace route to the crash site of the lost CIS treasure ship! The plot was trickier than expected, and the heroes found themselves lost inside a gas cloud. Dursk Vuh’al managed to dodge a shower of deadly asteroids while Selia did her best to repair the damaged ship’s sensors.

Once out of the gas cloud, the heroes found themselves in the Cholgana system after all! They approached the planet and began a series of scans, searching for any sign of the lost treasure ship. The mighty wookie Mohr, familiar with dangerous jungle environments, guided Selia’s scan efforts and they soon had identified several candidate sites. Damage to the sensors from the encounter in the gas cloud made Selia’s task very difficult, so Dursk chose one of the sites at random and set the ship down.

Selia got to work repairing the sensors while young Talik Shala, under the watchful eye of Mohr, began excitedly exploring the area immediately around the Silken Sheath. Mohr took the opportunity to challenge the IsoTech protocol droid on his ability to travel quickly though jungle terrain. If the droid proved too slow, Mohr would remove its head and carry it with him. While the droid assured Mohr that he would be quite capable of keeping up, a very simple test proved that was certainly not the case.

The hereos discussed the ramifications of decapitating the nervous protocol droid, but ultimately decided that the risk of damagin IsoTech property was probably not worth the convenience of only carrying around the droid’s head.

Selia finished her work on the sensors and discovered a what appeared to be the landing site of some kind of large escape pod a short distance away through the jungle. Talik was excited to explore, but was careful to let the experienced wookie lead the way. They were well on their way to the location of the pod when out of the trees leapt a deadly nexu! The enormous predator was no match for Mohr and Dursk, though, it was quicky killed. Mohr took the opportunity to teach Talik several things about nexu. The young twi’lek took one of the viscous nexu teeth to keep as a memento.

After the brief fight, the heroes found themselves at the top of a dangerous crevasse. The escape pod was lodged somewhere below. The climb down was treacherous, so Mohr insisted on descending by himself. It didn’t take long for him to locate the pod, but there was little of value remaining. The only thing he managed to recover was a uniform fragment bearing the symbol of the Confederation of Independent Systems, confirming that the heroes were on the right track. Mohr climbed back up to his companions and they returned to their ship.

With the sensors now fully operational, Selia and Mohr identified a new landing zone. Like the first one, this required a short hike through the jungle. Talik was still excited about exploring, but the buzzing insects and muddy terrain proved difficult to her urban sensibilities. Still, she didn’t want to disappoint Mohr, who was proving very comfortable in the jungle, so she did her very best. After all, neither Dursk nor Selia were complaining.

The heroes came upon a partially dammed river. Water flowed over and through the the rocky dam into a small lake below. Dursk located an old metal boat on the lake’s shore, but it appeared to be old and in poor condition. As the heroes approached the dam, it became clear that it was actually the drive section of a massive star ship! They approached the wreckage and began exploring, but after a few hours determined that the site had been picked clean long ago by scavengers. That, along with the old boat, were signs that at least someone had survived the initial crash and did their best to utilize the remaining ship resources as best they could. Finding nothing else promising in the drive section, the heroes returned to the Silken Sheath to rest up before continuing their explorations.

The next day, Dursk took the ship up once again while Selia and Mohr worked together to selected the next landing site. They landed the ship once again and trekked back into the jungle. This time, they discovered a massive section of the lost ship, including the bridge! They made their way inside the dark and moldy wreckage, searching for a way up to the command deck. They quickly found an open turbolift shaft. Mohr led the way up, securing a length of sythrope to help Talik and the other with the ascent.

The bridge itself proved to be completed scavenged; nothing of value remained. But there were darkened corridors leading deeper into the wreckage. Talik took the lead while Mohr watched over her. She was careful, but yelped in surprise when a slimy amphibian dropped on her unexpectedly. Mohr chucked softly and the heroes pushed forward.

Suddenly, the floor gave way beneath Talik and she fell into what appeared to be a sensor control room on the deck below. She grinned back up at Mohr, happy with her surprise discovery. The heroes lowered themselves down and continued the exploration, still hoping to find whatever technology IsoTech was looking for.

A sound from above betrayed the presence of two stalking nexu! Dursk noticed that these nexu had received cybernetic augmentations! On one, its teeth had been replaced with some kind of sharpened metal. The other one had an energy field incorporated into its deadly claws! The metal jaw nexu attacked the mighty wookie while the energy claw nexu leaped at Selia.

The fight was over quickly, but Selia had been knocked around a fair amount and Mohr had suffered a terrible wound to one of his arms. Dursk extracted the tech from the strange nexus while Talik did her best to bandage up Mohr. As they recovered from the deadly battle and discussed their next move, they heard the unmistakable sound of space ship flying overhead…

Heroes Fall!

Imperial Stormtroopers, secretly hired by the villainous Vemro the Hutt, have found the bountry hunters Tol Shala and Skitz Xoseesu, along with the escaped slave Selia Bryn, as they made their way back to Dursk Vuh’al and freedom! The hunters try to avoid the attention of the stormtroopers, but to no avail. The Imperials confront the hunters, clearly searching for Vemro’s missing slave. Tol quickly sees where things are going and, with a with a quick command the Selia to run, fires at a nearby fueling station!

The station explodes, temporarily distracting the stormtroopers! Selia and Skitz take advantage of the confusion and run towards the docking bay where their only chance of escape awaits, with Tol not far behind. Unfortunately, the stormtroopers recover quickly and open fire on the fleeing heroes! Tol and Skitz make sure to keep themselves between the deadly blaster fire and the fleeing slave, Tol is quickly shot down. Skitz, seeing his friend critically wounded, runs back to try and carry him to safety, but the stormtroopers are relentless and gun him down as well.

The hunter’s sacrifice buys Selia enough time to reach Dursk at the waiting ship, and the fly off to freedom! The fate of the two hunters remains unknown, but they fear the worst.

On board the ship of the notorious slaver Trex, Dursk interrogates the vile trandoshan. He learns much about the slavers crimes and, disgusted, ejects him into space. The ship itself is functional, if poorly maintained, and the two remaining heroes make their escape to the Wheel.

When they arrive at the massive space station, they are challenged by security agents to ensure that they have legitimate business at this prestigious destination. Dursk quickly satisfies their concerns and is granted access, but before proceeding, the cunning bothan spots an opportunity!

An unusual pair of travelers, a mighty wookie and a slim twi’lek girl, were having trouble getting past the station security forces. The wookie stood behind the girl like a mountain while she tried to convince the security agent to let them pass. Dursk recognized a kindred spirit in the young twi’lek and knew that the powerful wookie would be an immense asset to his upcoming job with IsoTech, so he decided to intervene.

The cunning bothan called to the strange pair of travelers and identified them as a part of his retinue. Dursk was pleased to see the young girl latch on to his story without missing a beat, and together they sufficiently befuddled the officer to allow all four access to the station.

Once in the station, the girl introduced herself as Talik, and her wookie friend as Mohr. Dursk invited them to join Selia and himself on the upcoming IsoTech job. Desperate for some kind of wok, the newcomers agreed.

The heroes made their way to the IsoTech officers for a meeting with Reom to learn the details of the job. Dursk and Selia were shocked when Talik identified herself a Talik Shala! Could this be a member of Tol’s family? Selia wanted to talk to Talik right away about it, but Dursk convinced her to wait until they were committed to the job, fearing that their two new partners might leave them. Selia wasn’t happy about it, but agreed to keep the secret for now.

The meeting with Reom revealed that the job was to seek out the crash site of a lost Separatist treasure ship that had disappeared late in the Clone Wars! Dozens of treasure hunters have tried and failed to find the legendary ship, but Reom had recently acquired a distress beacon launched from the ship itself! By examining the beacon, he believed he had located the crash site!

Reom offered the heroes 10,000 credits to locate the treasure ship and return to him with whatever technology they could find. Additional negotiations awarded the heroes a 10% up-front payment and a 50% split of raw profits.

Selia gained access to the beacon and, after acquiring some specialized tools from the Dented Droid repair shop, was able to discover additional navigation data that should give her a significant advantage in locating the the ship.

As the heroes prepared to depart, Reom informed them that they would be required to bring along a special droid, provided by his sister, that would be able to verify the authenticity of any discoveries and ensure that the heroes did not attempt to cheat him out of any profits. The droid would be delivered to them soon.

As the time of the hero’s departure approached, the droid had failed to arrive! Dursk found that he was unable to contact Reom or his sister. The heroes raced to the IsoTech offices, only to discover that they had been ransacked! There was no sign of Reom.

The clever Selia noticed that there was a nearby information kiosk equipped with security cameras. A brief conversation with station security confirmed that there had been a break-in at IsoTech and that Reom had been injured and was recovering at a nearby medical facility.

The heroes met with Reom and learned that he had been attacked by a group of rodian thugs who were looking to steal the special droid. He let the hero’s know where his sister’s ship was docked. Upon arriving there, they discovered that she too had been attacked by rodians!

Reom’s sister was able to contact the missing droid. It reported that it had barricaded itself in a storage closet nearby, but that the rodians were currently cutting through. The heroes raced to scene!

When they arrived, the rodians were just finishing loading the droid, now equipped with a restraining bolt, onto a repulsor sled. The heroes opened fire and pursued.

After a short chase and firefight, the droid was recovered and the rodians chased away. The heroes were now ready to find the treasure ship!

“Port Authority, this is Security Officer Jobernson. Do you have passenger arrival records for any of these people?”
“Affirmative, Officer Jobernson. They came in on two ships, the Silken Sheath and the Winning Ticket. Wait, this is interesting. Mohr and Talik aren’t on the passenger manifest for the Winning Ticket. Are you thinking they are Imperial Security?”
“Unlikely. They are probably stowaways or someone looking to ditch their identity. They were involved in an altercation and are wanted for questioning.”
“You are too late for the Silken Sheath. It just left the docking bay. Should I hail them?”
“Yes, please”

“No response from the Silken Sheath, they will likely jump to lightspeed soon. Should we deploy the Z-95’s?”
“No, don’t bother. It’s probably nothing. We will review the security footage from Master-Com in more detail to determine what happened.”

CASE 99422121-B
Defendants: Mohr Wookie, Selia Bryn, Dursk Vuh’al, Talik Shala


  • Reckless Discharge of a Firearm Into a Crowd
  • Reckless Endangerment of people and property (shoving through the crowd)
  • Destruction of Private Property (Ming’s China Shop)

Not Guilty. Defendants actions are protected (if just barely) by the Good Samaritan Statute, the Personal Property Recovery Statute, the Hot Pursuit statute, and the Negligent Security statute. Since they did not have an expectation for Wheel Security to recover the droid they can enjoy the legal protection that Wheel Security would have.

While not criminally liable for damages to Ming’s China shop, his insurance company is not barred from seeking reparations. The amount of damage was relatively minor so it is unlikely that additional action will be taken.

Trandoshan Trouble!

Dursk Vuh’al, Selia Bryn’s contact for getting off planet, enters the cantina with news about a squad of gammorean thugs on their way! Fearing that they are looking for Vemro’s favorite tech slave, Skitz Xoseesu and Tol Shala concoct a plan to hide her from the gammorians.

Skitz rushes Selia into the changing room behind the stage while Tol and Dursk keep an eye on the gammorian’s efforts. As soon as it becomes clear that the thugs intend to search the changing room, Tol opens fire! After a quick battle, four gammoreans are dead. The heroes quickly leave the scene and find a place to lie low while Dursk secures passage off world.

Selia, using information acquired from Vemro the Hutt’s criminal database, learns that the notorious trandoshan slave trader Trex, owner of the ship Dursk is hoping to hire, is trapped in port with a damaged hyperdrive. His only hope is a new hypermatter igniter.

The heroes locate the only igniter in the city and trick its owner into giving it to them! Armed with the critical component, the heroes make their way the the spaceport and Trex’s stranded freighter.

Dursk attempts to make a deal with Trex, but the trandoshan isn’t interested in talking and pulls his blaster. Several spaceport security droids come to his assistance and a firefight ensues! Selia dives for cover and does her best to manage the freighter ramp, keeping the number of droids involved in the fight to a minimum. With their numbers reduced, the hunters capture Trex and destroy the droids!

But problems still remain as the spaceport has applied security docking clamps to the freighter, making it impossible to depart. The only hope is to gain access to the spaceport control center and release the clamps directly. Tol manacles the stunned Trex and Dursk begins preparting the ship to launch while Selia and the hunters make their way to the command center.

The clever Selia, taking advantage of the hunter’s distraction, sneaks to a computer terminal and is quickly able to release the docking clamps. All is not well, however, as the hunters overhear the port commander authorizing the landing of an Imperial shuttle nearby!

Selia and the hunters make their way back to the freighter, only to encounter a squad of Imperial stormtroopers on the way!


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