Edge of Empire


“Logic and reason must be tempered by passion and instinct”

As the Silken Sheath emerges from hyperspace at The Wheel, the atmosphere is electric with Talik’s excitement at the prospect of seeing her father. When the ship receives a communication from the station, the mood darkens as they realize not all is well.

The crew of the Silken Sheath race back to the Wheel station and Talik’s long-awaited reunion with her father, Tol. Talik can barely contain her excitement at the prospect of returning home to Ryloth with her family. Her companions fear that Talik may be in for disappointment, but are unwilling to dampen the young twi’lek’s enthusiasm.

The hyperspace journey concludes with the Silken Sheath appearing at the space station on schedule, but the heroes are surprised to see long queues of ships waiting for docking instructions. Dursk learns that the stations is on a security lockdown and all ships are being searched for contraband. The crew is eager to land, but has no need to cause trouble. They queue up and wait to dock.

Upon landing, Dursk and the others are confronted by station security. They explain that they will need to question each of the heroes and scan the ship for contraband. Dursk tries his best to talk the security personnel out of it, but in the end agrees.

The interviews focus on where the heroes are travelling from and whether they have been involved in recent weapons traffiking. The process takes a long time, espcially with Talik, as she enthusiastically talks to the interviewer about her upcoming meeting with her father. During this time, a scanning crew arrives and begins the process of scanning the Silken Sheath.

The scans encounter multiple issues which further delay the heroes. Talik is beside herself with impatience, but eventually they are cleared to enter the station. They proceed to the main turbolift.

The turbolift stops somewhere between decks! As the heroes try to figured out what is happening, the compartment begins filling up with gas! Dursk and Selia quickly put on their breath masks, but Mohr and Talik have no such option. Dursk uses his comlink to call for help; Talik and Selia work on gaining access to the turbolift’s controls; Mohr begins smashing the ceiling of the compartment, hoping to release the gas out into the lift shaft.

Dursk speaks with station security, but they report that their monitors show everything is working properly in the lift. Dursk begins to suspect that the attempt to sudue the heroes with the gas is actually being perpetrated by the security forces themselves! He disconnects from them and tries to get help from IsoTech.

Meanwhile, Talik succeeds in unlocking the panel that secures access to the turbolift controls. That was her final act before succuming to the gas, and she collapsed to the floor. Mohr’s powerful blows shashed through the ceiling, but he feared that he might not be quick enough. Selia, finally able to access the controls, took over the lift operations and sent the compartment on to its destination.

They arrived at the main station ring and escaped the gas trap, Mohr carrying the unconscious Talik easily. The young twi’lek quickly came to once she was out of the lift, but she remained a little groggy. There was no sign of whoever had set the trap and station security stuck to their story about not knowing what was going on.

Dursk and Selia remained concerned about the trap, but Talik was far more interested in moving on and seeing her father at last. Seeing that Talik was unwilling to delay her reunion further, the heroes followed her to a darkly lit bar on the station’s main promenade.

There, sitting in a dark corner, was Tol! Talik yelped in delight and ran to Tol, so jumped out of his seat just in time to catch his daughter in his arms. The unabashed joy on Tol’s face at seeing his daughter was plain for all to see, and though Mohr was very happy for Talik, he also saw that the Tol before him was a very different man than the one Talik had described. Instead of the gentle artist was a heavily armed professional bounty hunter. Mohr recognized a hard and dangerous man, but there was absolutely no doubt about his love for his daughter.

Talik was excited to introduce Mohr and the others to her father. Tol was clearly pleased to see Selia and Dursk had escaped and were in good health. Talik gushed about Mohr and how he had saved her life. Her affection for the big wookie was very clear.

After several minutes, Tol explained to the heroes how he came to be waiting for them here. After being wounded on Dondonna, he and Skitz were dragged before Vemro at his palace. Vemro offered them a deal: work exclusively for Vemro, and he would tell Tol where one of his daughters could be found and allow him time to locate the rest of his family. Tol agreed.

Unfortunately, Vemro wanted Selia back. When Tol was dispatched to the Wheel, he was instructed to return with the escaped slave girl. Tol never had any intention of following through with that order, but he explained to the heroes that Vemro would likely send someone less discerning next time. Vemro, however, was known to be fairly reasonable for a Hutt. If a large cash sum could be paid to him, perhaps he could be convinved to let Selia go. Tol would act as Selia’s agent. Mohr provided 5000 credits to achieve this goal.

Tol took several minutes to speak with Mohr privately, being very interested in learning more about the wookie who had become so important to his daughter’s life. Tol thanked him for protecting Talik when he himself could not, and asked him why he would take an interest. From Tol’s experinece, very few people were willing to put themselves out for a stranger without some sort of potential for profit.

Mohr explained that Talik reminded him of his own daughter who had been murdered along with the rest of his family by trandoshan hunters many years ago. The men spoke for several minutes and returned to the group. Mohr warned Tol about the dangerous path he was on and encouraged him to abandon the lift of a hunter as soon as he could, fearing that Talik might lose her father all over again.

Tol finally broke the news to Talik that he couldn’t take her back with him yet. The palace of a Hutt is no place for a young twi’lek, and Tol’s continued hunt for Talik’s sister and mother was sure to be extremely dangerous and violent. Tol told Talik where she could find him on Dondona and hoped she would visit him often. As soon as Tann and Hirani were free, they would all leave together and start their lives anew.

Talik was crushed by the news and did her best to argue, but eventually her father let her know, gently but firmly, that this was the way things would be.

Meanwhile, Dursk was called to the station security offices to make a statement about the events in the turbolift. He made a big show of being outraged at what had happened, but denied any responsibility for the damage to the compartment ceiling. The security officers were unconvinved, butdid not press charges.

Talik and Tol spent all of their available time together. Mohr was glad to see them so happy together, but it also served to bring up the painful memories of his own loss.

Mohr was summoned to the station security offices and questioned about the turbolift incident. Mohr explained that he had in fact damaged the compartment. The security personnel were satisfied with his answer no charges were filed. They shared that the turbolift itself had been sabotaged somehow and the gas cannisters had been installed for the trap. They also reported that the security cameras were not working during the time of the incident. Their only lead was an unfocused image of a man who may have been somehow involved. Noone has been able to indetify the man.

During this time, Talik started asking in the “usual places” for the new Nova Viper pistol she had heard about. Her inquries led her to a weapons show in the lower levels of the Wheel. There, she asked the proprietor about the weapon. The properietor explained that he might have such a weapon, but that with the security lockdown in place, it was considered contraband. Talik assured him that she wouldn’t tell if he didn’t.

Unfortunately, the proprietor went ahead and informed security of Talik’s attempt. They confronted her and strongly discouraged her from pursuing such attempts in the future. No charges were pressed.

Skitz returned to the Wheel with information about Bandin Dobah, a smuggler whom Vemro had placed a bounty. Tol conferred with the heroes and they made a deal. Tol and Skitz would continue their efforts to locate Hirani and Tann. Meanwhile, the heroes would track down and capture Bandin Dobah. This would keep Venmro happy.

In addition, Vemro was looking to recover some of the cargo from Trex’s ship. Unfortunately, the cargo had already been traded away. The heroes gave the details of that transaction to Tol, who intends to follow up as soon as possible.



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