Edge of Empire

The Hunt for Bandin Dobah part 2

After enlisting the help of bounty hunter Jainus Quinceton, the crew of the Silken Sheath receives a tip to investigate warehouse 83…

Tol Shala stands below Jawa sitting on his dias. “Ohtah wato tahkee Sah li ah ha.” The interrogation droid translates,“Vemro the magnificent wonders why you have returned without the slave Selia. Surely killing yourself in the manner of your choosing would be preferable to submitting to Vemro’s wisdom and mercy.”

Nonplussed, Tol responds, “I was unable to bring the girl back.” Vemro narrows his eyes and the Gammorean guards lower their pikes and start to poke at Tol. “However, Selia wanted you to have this.” Tol dropped a bag which spilled out hard credits.

“Ahtah fata makay ooloo. Hybinee teny muhu.”
“Vemro the generous will overlook this mistake. You are to finish hunting down Bandin Dobah before you correct your mistake and return the slave to the palace.”

Tol smiled, “of course. It is my pleasure to serve the mighty Vemro”

The heroes received a tip from Jainus Quinceton, the bounty hunter who had attempted to recapture Tallik Shala for the notorious Black Sun slaver Decker Krim. Quin reported that the heroes would find what they were looking for in an old warehouse in the Formos spaceport city called simply “Warehouse 83”. The warehouse was easy to find. A quick survey revealed two entrances on one side of the building, but no other way in. The heroes found a good observation point atop an adjacent warehouse and settled in to gather more information.

Every hour or so, one or two humans would arrive or depart the warehouse. Nothing could be determined through this observation, however, so a plan was devised to capture one of the humans for questioning. The mighty Mohr was easily able to subdue one of the targets and carry him back to the observation point. When he came to, Dursk and Tallik began questioning him in the “good thug / bad thug” manner.

The captive believed he was being punished for abandoning the employ of another smuggler named Brax in favor of this new opportunity, which was being run by another smuggler. Dursk and Tallik played along and were able to acquire a fair amount of information about the layout and numbers in warehouse 83. Satisfied that they had all the information they were likely to get, they carefully bound and gagged the human and approached the secret hideout.

Dursk was able to easily pick the lock on the warehouse door and Tallik peeked in. There were several people inside: humans, sullustans and aqualish. None were paying any attention to the door and most were focused on an holo gaming rig deeper inside the open warehouse. The heroes plan was to burst into the warehouse, firing their weapons, and get the thugs to quickly surrender. They started their attack with blaster fire and grenades, quickly reducing the numbers of the thugs before they knew what was happening. However, the thugs morale held and they began to fight back. The fight was over fairly quickly, though, resulting in the capture of one of the thugs and the deaths of all the others.

The body of the leader of the smugglers was identified and found to possess, among other things, a complicated droid restraining bolt attachment tool. The heroes discovered that this tool matched a bizarre restraining bolt attached to a partially disassembled R4 droid that had been connected to a computer system. It appeared as if the smugglers were hacking information to/from the droid.

Selia released the R4 droid from its attachment and removed the restraining bolt. As the heroes suspected, this was in fact the missing R4 droid that was stolen by Bandin’s men. The droid was grateful for its rescue, but was very angry about the destruction of his protocol droid counterpart. The droid surprised the heroes by wanting to flay the skin from Bandin Dobah personally. The R4 also reported that it had been uploaded with the coordinates to a secret asteroid base, which the heroes surmised was where Bandin was hiding out from Imperial authorities. Dursk invited the R4 to come along, to which the droid responded that there was no way he wasn’t coming along.

While Selia was working with the droid and the smuggler’s computer system, she discovered a wealth of information regarding glitterstim trade opportunities and contacts. In addition, she discovered a hidden file on the computer system that contained a strange shortwave transmission recording that was identified simply as a “pass”. Talik surmised that this might be a code that could be transmitted to the hidden station that would identify them as friendly.

The heroes returned to the Silken Sheath and, with the help of the R4 droid, made the short hyperspace jump to an asteroid field in a nearby system. Upon arrival, they began scanning for a likely base. Before they got very far, however, a drone approached the ship. Tallik suggested broadcasting the “pass” code, which appeared to satisfy the drone. After that, the heroes were able to identify a large asteroid that seemed like a good place to start their search.

The asteroid was riddled with caves and tunnels. A scan revealed energy signatures and life sighs deep inside, so Dursk selected on of the tunnels and flew inside. After a few minor bumps, the Silken Sheath flew past a chamber in which was docked a single-man starship. There were no life signs present, so the heroes marked its location and proceeded. Deeper into the asteroid they encountered a cavern infested with mynocks. Dursk flew through as fast as he dared, but he believed that the ship had likely picked up a few of the energy parasites.

Finally, the Silken Sheath arrived in a large cavern. The base of the cavern was dominated by a large energy dome containing an atmosphere and a YV-666 freighter, as well as several life signs. Dursk opened a channel to the YV-666 and reported that he had a delivery for Bandin Dobah. He flew through the energy shield and landed near the other ship.

A small group of smugglers exited the YV-666. Their demeanor was generally bored. Dursk and Tallik walked out to meet them while Mohr and Selia monitored them from the ship. Dursk did most of the talking while Tallik played the part of a groupie. Dursk was able to put the smugglers at ease and talked them into playing a bit of sabbac. Things went well until Bandin Dobah himself came storming out of his ship.

The aqualish smuggler yelled at his flunkies and the situation quickly deteriorated. Dursk attempted to salvage the situation, but Bandin was unmoved. Sensing the way things were going, Dursk and Tallik stepped back and tossed stun grenades into the midst of the smugglers.

The fight was rough and Dursk went down. Mohr charged Bandin Dobah and engaged him in a fierce vibro-axe battle. A rodian man who appeared to not be a member of Bandin’s crew carefully watched the battle, clearly reluctant to get involved. He was finally goaded into firing on Mohr, which angered Bandin Dobah for getting in on his kill. The battle ended with Mohr smashing his vibro-axe through Bandin’s own weapon and critically wounding him. Most of the smugglers were dead, and the rodian quickly gave up the fight.

The rodian turned out to be a rodian bounty hunter named Godan Netakka. He was stranded here with a damaged ship. Most of his ship had been scavenged for parts in an attempt to repair the YV-666, which was still only barely functional The heroes offered to return Godan Netakka to Formos.

A search of the YV-666 revealed a wealth of supplies and a cargo of glitterstim. The heroes decided to gift most of the recovered items to Vemro the Hutt in an attempt to buy off Selia’s obligation. They also decided to gift the YV-666 to Tol Shala and Skitz to aid them in their efforts to locate and liberate members of the Shala clan.

After dropping Zukata off on Formos, the heroes plan their next steps…



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