Adventure 12

edge of the empire

Episode XII
“In chess, the most satisfying move is Pawn Takes Queen”

Following a lead on the location of the Veiled Sorority secret base, the Silken Sheath has teamed up with ex-pirate Graf Lind. Together they hope to take down the Sorority Queen, a ruthless leader known for both her tenacity and her unique mask. However, on the two hour landspeeder trip, Talik ponders the fate of her sister and mother…

Tension runs high on the journey to Blackwind Crater. Talik uses the trip to reflect on the fate of her family and realizes this might be her only chance to discovered what happened to them. If this lead doesn’t pan out, there will truly be no hope. Her brooding affects the rest of the crew. Mohr is agitated for her sake. Dursk tries to brush her off, focusing on the difficult piloting task to combine speed and stealth. Graf produces a flask and starts to swig before Mohr takes it and throws it overboard. Today Talik is at 4 less max strain but the crew may each accept 1 strain on her behalf.

Adventure 12

Edge of Empire Dauntless