Grakkus the Hutt
Rules Hutto Town on Nar Shaddaa. Collects Jedi artifacts. Difficult to deal with, even for a Hutt. In his domain, expect to forfeit anything you bring with you, including yourself.

Borvo the Hutt
Powerful crime lord. Rumored to have multiple secret strongholds. Collects things that are rare and expensive. Easier to deal with than some Hutts because he values his reputation as a businessman. Still, he is a Hutt and any meeting with him would be dangerous. You know the location of one of his secret strongholds from your dealings with the Trandoshans a while back.

Niima the Hutt
Some sort of religious fanatic who lives on Dachu. Maybe her religion and the force are related. Not known for being a collector, but her agents have been to gem shows. Sort of a long shot.

Vemro the Hutt
Not much of a collector himself but might be able to introduce you to another Hutt, if you aren’t comfortable walking into an unfamiliar palace.

General Grievous
Collected jedi lightsabers. Killed 20 years ago but he might have had an unknown stash of lightsabers.

Dread Pirate Kanata
Legends say Queen Kanata is hundreds of years old. Others say the title of “Dread Pirate Kanata” passes from mother to daughter. All of the rumors agree that Kanata lives in a secret castle with a treasure room filled with centuries of booty. Some rumors say she has a special room dedicated to ancient talismans of the force.

Eil Finna
A Selonian weaponsmith living on Tibrin. Has some knowledge of focusing crystals.

Baskol Yeesrim
A retired Gran diplomat, presumably living on Malastare. Was an aide to two Gran senators during the last decades of the Republic. Handled diplomatic gifts. Somehow ended up owning a small fortune. Pretty weak lead.

The universities and libraries certainly will have information. Benot the Trandoshian gemologist can give you the name of a professor at some college of gemology. There are also plenty of museums and collectors who live there. One big downside is the danger. It is quite possible there is a at least one bounty on the party as you have made some enemies. Also, when you got a “clean” registration for the ship, it was clear that it might not stand up to close scrutiny.

Renci Tosh
The “prospector” for a mining corporation, Orbin. Suspected to be working with the Rebellion. Selia has stolen flight data that might lead to the location of a Rebel nest. Renci has a favorable attitude towards the group.

The Wheel
A place that brings in a lot of wealthy travelers. Not a bad place to look for rumors. You employment with IsoTech lets you stay there.

Check on Tol Shala. See what is happening with the increased Imperial presence.

Tyber Zann
Knows a lot, maybe could locate a crystal. Not sure you have anything to trade him.

Bounty Hunting
If you need to raise funds while waiting for leads to pan out, can always run some bounties.


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