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Tol Shala and Skitz Xoseesu arrived on the Outer Rim world of Dondona after completing a contract on Wetyin’s Colony. The hunters had taken a contract for the capture of Paragatis Krod, a rodian con man who had cheated one of the gaming houses of Vemro the Hutt out of several thousand credits. In addition, Tol had heard rumors about Shala slaves somewhere on Dondona, and he was eager to follow any lead that might help him locate his lost family.

The hunters spent ten days tracking down Paragatis, but ultimately trapped him when he attempted to book passage off world. He was placed in binders and dragged to Vemro the Hutt’s palace located on the outskirts off Tos Shuuta (the largest settlement on the world supporting the spaceport). The Hutt was eager to acquire Paragatis and paid the bounty to the hunters.

Tol took the opportunity to ask Vemro the Hutt about the rumors he had heard of Shala slaves somewhere on Dondona. The Hutt, however, had already moved on to new business and dismissed Tol’s question without an answer. Tol pushed the Hutt to answer, but only managed to irritate him. Skitz managed to convince Tol to withdraw before there was trouble.

Selia Bryn, Vemro’s favorite tech-savvy slave, had observed Tol’s request from the shadowy corners of the gaudy audience chamber. Selia had been the property of Vemro the Hutt for XX years and had proved to be very valuable to him. The Hutt routinely leased her technical services to his allies, both on and off world, for short periods of time. Some months ago, while Selia was working off world for Graz Nordo, the notorious spice trader, she had met a young twi’lek girl whose clan name was Shala (at least, she is fairly sure that was it. Maybe? Close enough!). Selia thought that if she could help the hunters, they might be able to get her off planet and away from her life of slavery! Selia grabbed her (Vemro’s!) slicer tools and snuck out of the palace after the disappointed hunters.

She found them in the Bronze Keg cantina near the spaceport. They were sitting together in the back of the dark room talking quietly to each other. The hunters looked a lot scarier to her all of the sudden, but she mustered up her courage and approached. She quickly explained who she was and that she had met a Shala in the service of Graz Nordo. She knows a man who has had dealings with Graz, and she would make introductions and do everything she could to secure his help in finding the spice lord. All she asked was that the hunters take her with them away from slavery and Vemro.

Tol was very interested to learn more, but neither hunter wanted to be on the bad side of Vemro. Skitz was cautious, clearly seeing that Selia was likely making up at least part of her story in an effort to escape. How much would Vemro pay to get his little slave back? But this was the first possible lead on a Shala slave in months, and Skitz was willing to let Tol follow up on this for the time being.

The hunters discussed the risks of what Selia had in mind and decided give the slave girl a chance. Selia, relieved, told them about Dursk Vuh’al

Campaign introduction setup

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